About Me

Hi! I’m Natasha Atlas!

I am from the North of England and moved to London in January 2016. I have been working in travel since I left University. I’ve been heading out on adventures of my own since I was in college so I have been using this blog to share my adventures, experiences and advice. I’ve taken part in exchange programmes, group tours, sports tours and solo adventures. I blog and vlog my adventures and share them for you all to see! I am also conquering my personal fears, anxieties and awkwardness on the way.

What else? I am obsessed with the Harry Potter movies, I love America, currently addicted to M&Ms and I have nearly 1000 DVDs, Netflix and NowTV but I can never find a movie to watch!



For 2017, I am currently going to a different country every month for the rest of the year whilst keeping my full time job



My degree was in TV Production Management so I also love films, TV and musicals etc. So I also do blogs and vlogs about film and TV shows too! So anything from movie/theatre reviews to attending promotional movie events like the BFG dream jar trail to media screens / talkies. In the last year I’ve been to Star Trek Beyond, Nocturnal Animals and a special screening of World of Warcraft with some of the actors of the movie with a Q&A at the end. I’ve also done some work with Universal Pictures at Comic-con! 


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