Hi. I’m Natasha Atlas!


I’m originally from the Southport in the North of England (your typical Northern lass) and moved to London in January 2016. I have a degree in TV Production Management and I work in Travel (Sales and Social Media) full time.

I have Asperger’s which means I struggle with social interaction. I also have anxiety which I’ve been struggling with since I was a child. I use my blog to show that Asperger’s and Anxiety doesn’t define who I am and how I overcome it. Showing you can still travel and make friends despite the obstacles.

I have been sharing my adventures, experiences and advice I’ve picked up during my travels. I’ve taken part in exchange programs, group tours, sports tours and solo adventures. I blog and vlog my adventures to share them for you all to see! I am also conquering my personal fears, anxieties and awkwardness on the way.

I’m also a massive film geek so I when I’m not travelling, I’m usually at the cinema watching the latest movies or binge watching Netflix. Then, writing about them on my blog or make vlogs if I attend special events like movie premiers or promotional events. 

I’ve attended screenings for Star Trek Beyond, Nocturnal Animals, Maudie, Eat Locals and Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle. I’ve also worked with Universal Pictures at MCM Comiccon. I love geeking out with fellow movie nerds and watching new movies. 

This year, I’ma finalist for a UK BLOG AWARD in the Arts & Culture Category.



What else? I am obsessed with the Harry Potter movies, I love America, currently addicted to M&Ms and I have nearly 1000 DVDs, Netflix and Now TV but I can never find a movie to watch!