Hi. I’m Natasha Atlas! A Travel, Film & Anxiety Blogger in London. 


I’m originally from the Southport in the North of England (your typical Northern lass) and now living in London. I have Aspergers which means I struggle with social interaction. I also have Anxiety which is usually triggered by the fear of the unknown and social situations. Not something that typically goes well with travelling.

I have been sharing my adventures, experiences and advice I’ve picked up during my travels. I’ve taken part in exchange programs, working abroad, group tours, sports tours and solo travel. I daily vlog all my travel adventures on my YouTube channel, where I’m very upfront with what I’m anxious about beforehand and show how I conquer my fears, anxieties and awkwardness during the trip. 

Some of my favourite and most popular blog posts about travel are Top 10 things to do in New York, FAQs about booking and travelling with TrekAmerica and 32 Camp Counselors Secrets. I’ve also started my “An Anxious Traveller’s Guide” series, showing how it feels to travel to different countries and places with anxiety featuring Rome, USA and Morocco

I’m also a massive film and TV fan, so I when I’m not travelling you’ll usually find me at the cinema watching the latest movies or binge watching Netflix. I find watching films and TV the best way to calm my anxiety but I also LOVE watching the latest films and talking about the latest TV episodes.

I write about unique cinema experiences and Instagram story movie premiers or promotional events. I also do movie reviews on my Instagram stories which also go into a yearly round up blog post. Some of my favourite and most popular blog posts are the Top 7 UK Dating TV Shows, 10 Unique Cinema Experiences in London and Every Love Island series ranked from worst to best

I’ve attended incredible World Movie Premiere screenings, including Star Trek Beyond, Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle, Mamma Mia: Here we go again and most recently Mortal Engines. I’ve also attended press screenings for Nocturnal Animals, Maudie, Eat Locals and many more. I’ve also worked with Universal Pictures at MCM Comiccon for several years.

Last year, I was a finalist in the UK BLOG AWARD 2018 in the Arts & Culture Category and I was a finalist in the Northern Blog Awards 2018 in the Travel Vlogger category. This year, I’ve been nominated again for the UK Blog Awards 2019 in the same category and the Mental Health Category.


I’ve worked with several travel and film companies since starting my blog in 2016. Here’s a few amazing companies and brands I’ve worked with so far:

Thanks for visiting my blog, please find my contact details below for any collaborations!

For all Business inquiries email me at: natashatravelsuk@gmail.com

What else? I am massive Harry Potter fan, obsessed with America (trying to visit all 50 states), currently addicted to Mint Chocolate and I have nearly 1000 DVDs, Netflix and Now TV but I can never find a movie to watch! 

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