5 adventure games to escape and explore new worlds

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Do you miss travelling? Miss exploring new places? Miss the adventure? Miss the excitement of not knowing what the day will bring? Me too.

Over lockdown, I had itchy travel feet and only an hour to wander around outside. It wasn’t enough.

The best thing I did during the lockdown, was buying a Nintendo Switch. Best money I’ve ever spent lately for my mental health. So between my Switch and my current laptop games, I was pretty set for lockdown.

I found a few adventure games which involve exploring vast lands, tasks galore and can’t be completed in a day!

With a new potential lockdown on the way and winter around the corner, games like this are a must to get through the next few months. They take your mind off things even for a little bit and can throw yourself into a whole new world.

Here’s some of my favourite games to escape the real world:


Animal Crossing

I finally gave in to the craze of Animal Crossing and now I’m basically an advocate for it. What a wholesome game! It’s super relaxing, peaceful and filled with things to do on your own island.

You can invite new characters to join your island. Build up your island with a neighbourhood, shops and a museum. You can forage for fruit, materials to build or find bugs and fish for the local museum.

The fish and bugs change every month so there’s always something new to hunt down every month.

There are challenges pretty much every week, you can have a go at the turnip stock market, watch the season change, visit friends islands and try to make a 5* island.

Honestly, some days I just like to fish all day or look for bugs. Decorate my pad or speak to my neighbours. Find fossils or make things.

Your island is what you make it.

Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing


Pokemon: Pikachu Let’s Go

I’m not ashamed to admit it and say I’m a massive Pokemon fan. I’ve loved it for years. I used to get up at 6 am to watch it on SMTV Live with Ant and Dec when I was little and still have my Pokemon Red on my Game boy.

The Nintendo Switch was a Game Changer for me when it brought out the re-imagined version of Pokemon. Pikachu/Eevee Let’s go is amazing. It’s EXACTLY like Red/Blue but with updated graphics.

Same storyline, same gameplay except…you can get Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle just like in the tv show!? What! Yes! No ridiculous transferring to be done. You can catch everything in one game.

The only difference is you start with either Eevee or Pikachu depending on which game you get but you CAN’T get rid of them. But why would you want to? You also can’t evolve them and they stay with you and even sit on your shoulder. Cute!

Team Rocket even make an appearance as well as the original Pokemon gang Brock and Misty. Professor Oak is still there and a few added surprises too.

Pokémon is a great game to explore a whole world, collect gym badges, battle Pokémon, evolve Pokémon and try to become the Pokémon Champion of course. Build your own team and spend hours on an epic adventure around the Indigo Plateau.

Pokemon: Let's go Pikachu
Pokemon: Let's go Pikachu
Pokemon: Let's go Pikachu
Pokemon: Let's go Pikachu
Pokemon: Let's go Pikachu


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Another epic 90s game is back with a new spin.

I was all about the Ocarina of Time when I was a kid. I was basically attached to my Nintendo 64 with my cousin trying to get through the game together. Solving puzzles, horse riding through Hyrule and catching chickens.

Breathe of the Wild comes 100 years later (in the game, not in my lifetime). With a new expanded version of Hyrule, there are more challenges, more puzzles and more enemies to defeat. With the same ultimate baddie Ganon back in action. Seriously can’t he just stay dead.

The landscape is so vast. You can ride across, transport via the towers, glide through the air or try and hike on foot. There are high mountains, long rivers and a new weather scenario.

Puzzles are a great form of anxiety relief and Zelda is FULL of puzzles. There’s 120 shrines to take on, 4 new temples filled with challenges and 76 side quests. There’s lots to do and will keep your mind busy.


Civilization Revolution

If you miss travelling then this one is for you.

Create a country and found cities on the map, try to grow and compete against other countries. It’s a great game for those interested in geographical locations, culture, scientific discoveries and growing your own country.

You can explore the map, visit another destination or go to war if you want. Take over the map!

Build wonders and find natural wonders. Add works of art, symphonies, literature, etc. Have great people join your civilization and grow an army of elite warriors.

You can win by taking the other capitals, becoming the most cultured or religious, or my favourite by winning the space race.


The Sims 4

I’m a massive Sims fan. I’ve been playing the Sims for years. Basically, since I was procrastinating at my University accommodation.

This game never ends. You start with a family, housemates or single character and you can watch them live till their last days. You can have kids and watch those kids have kids. It just never ends!

You can start with nothing and watch them grow in their careers to make millions. My Sims are doing a lot better in their careers than my own right now.

There are so many careers you can pick from. You can go creative and be an artist, musician or a style influencer. You can join the army, the police or become a doctor. Or go to University and skip half the stage in the career path.

They’ve got so many new Expansion packs to pick from now too. My favourites are University, Get to Work, Fame and Island Life. They bring more things to do with your sims, extra clothes, looks and a new neighbourhood too.

You can have pets now too but not any pets, you can pick from a variety of breeds in cats or dogs! Start at little puppies or kittens, play with them and watch them grow.

There’s enough to do to keep your mind busy for a while and enjoy a few hours of simming.

Damn, they can take good selfies of themselves too.


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