A safe and socially distanced family day out to Windmill Animal Farm

Windmill Animal Farm Natasha Atlas

Last week, we left the house as a family to introduce our new lockdown baby nephew “Freddie” to the country life. We were all excited to leave the house and this was our very first adventure out after lockdown as a family.

It’s been an odd few months and we were worried about ensuring we stayed safe where ever we went. Not too close to other people as per “government guidelines” and somewhere we can relax for a few hours.

I didn’t want to worry consistently and feel anxious the whole time. After some solid recommendations from friends, we ventured to Windmill Animal Farm in Burscough.


We wanted a safe but fun family day out and Windmill Animal farm gave us exactly that


This quaint family-run farm in Burscough, Lancashire is a great fun-filled family experience. You can meet the animals on the farm, feed them and the staff teach the kids about them too.

There are various areas to sit and chill with your family. This includes a giant play area for the kids, picnic tables and even a corn maze. You can even walk the grounds to get your steps in.

It’s not all sheep, pigs and cows on this farm. They also have an insect/reptiles room, cute baby goats, a donkey, a giant tortoise and llamas.

I was pleasantly surprised by all the safety precautions in place to ensure our safety.

Entering the farm, the staff on reception were behind perspex screens. This gave us reassurance straight away. Greeted with a warm welcome through a plastic barrier.

They have green safety cones everywhere to remind you to stay 2 meters apart. There are wash stations at each section of the farm so you can wash your hands as often as you like. Ensuring you can feed all the cute animals as well as keeping yourself and others safe.

You’re able to bring your own food and eat at one of the many picnic tables. They were perfectly spread out and near more wash stations. It was great to see all kids washing their hands after the playground or jungle gym inside the farmhouse

My only criticism is when you book they say you can arrive at anytime that day. This helped us as we were running later than expected. However, when we arrived it was quite busy, so time slots would be better to stop overcrowding.

There is a second playground in the centre of the farm, which was a lot quieter than the main playground. A note for any anxious parents.

Situated on the other side of the playground was a go-kart track, which my sisters and I took advantage of. It’s for all ages, right?

Nearby was a picnic table for a small break, quick drink and of course another wash station. Wash those hands!

You can walk around the grounds with signposted trails and one way systems. This helped everyone spread out and families distanced.

The trails weren’t very busy which was great. There were a lot of animals to meet and happily waiting to be fed. The only animals you can’t feed are the donkeys and the pigs because they’re a bit nippy. This is all explained at the start before you enter.

We were surprised at how many different types of animals were spotted around the farm. We even saw an escapee sheep, who quickly got back under his fence when he saw us coming.

You can get on a train which takes you to the far side of the farm and to another playground. There’s also a corn maze but we didn’t think we could manoeuvre the pram through it.

After a long walk around the farm, ice cream is on the menu. The ice cream is locally sourced from Wallings in Lancashire. All served by the owner himself, Farmer Matt.

In the ice cream hut, there were social distancing signs to ensure the hut isn’t overcrowded. Farmer Matt was wearing a protective face mask while scooping our favourite flavours.

At the end of the day, it was a great family day out without any stress and a nice break from being locked up in the house. We felt safe the entire time, had fun and Freddie had a good whiff of the good old farm air (also smelling poo for the first time which wasn’t his own!).

Freddie what did you think…

Windmill Animal Farm

It’s all a bit too much for this city boy!


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