How to make a bucket list and actually tick it off

How to turn your Bucket list ideas into a checklist

I think everyone has a mental list of places they want to visit and the things they want to do soon. That’s why we pick places to go on holiday or to travel to after all right?

Most of these may consist of bungy jumping or sky diving. There are also annoyingly entitled posts out there like…


“101 things to do before you die”


“30 things to do before your 30”


Yes, because that extra 1 thing on top of 100 other things is so important or a countdown to your 30’s is really helpful? You have to do these things in your 20s because you’re not allowed to do them in your 30s?

Seriously? A time limit?

No. What you need is motivation and drive to actually do these things. Not an anxious countdown. Not a never-ending list of things you “should” do.

Also, the biggest problem with lists “to do by your (enter milestone date)”, have an expiry date. When you’ve had that birthday, it’s bye-bye list, see you later and forgotten about.

Firstly, what do you want to do? Then we’ll start talking about how you’re going to do it.


Creating your Bucket list

Types of Bucket lists

Thought a bucket list was just a random mix of adventurous ideas? Think again. There are a bunch of different types of bucket lists you can have based on what you want to do, do them with or when you want to do them.

So if you’re like me and love a bit of categorizing then you’ll love putting your bucket list together. If not, then don’t worry. You can just put everything all on one list. It’s your list!

Obviously you can have activity or adventure bucket lists, to add things like bungy jumping, sky diving, riding camels, washing elephants or ziplining.

Then, there’s a bucket list of your top destinations you want to visit. Maybe you want to see the pyramids in Egypt, see the penguins on the beach in South Africa or see a bear in Canada.


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You can base your bucket list around who you want to travel with. For example, a couples bucket list for you and your partner with activities you can do together or a family bucket list for kids to enjoy and get involved with too.

You can have time limiting bucket lists but make them things you can only do during that time frame.

Inaccurate lists like, “30 things to do before your 30“, for example, are mostly filled with things you can do at any point of your lifetime! I don’t know a bungy jumping company that won’t take your cash when you’re 31 and over.

These time-limited bucket lists can be for a particular time in your life or a select season. Like a summer bucket list to get the best out of your summer holidays or one of the winter. You can have a High school/College/University bucket list to ensure you complete everything you want before you graduate.

Whatever bucket list type you chose, make sure it’s the best bucket list ever and filled with all the things YOU want to do, not someone else.


Write your bucket list down

Your Bucket list can be as long or as short as you like. Remember, it’s filled with everything you want to do. It’s about quality, not quantity.


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Don’t worry if you don’t think you’ll be able to complete it all. It would be incredible if you did. Bucket lists are to inspire you to do things. As long as you do some or most if you can, then that’s great.

How to turn your Bucket list ideas into a checklist - Vietnam


Keep adding to your bucket list

If you suddenly think of something or someone talks about something and you suddenly decide you want to do that too, write it down.

Word of mouth is a common source of inspiration. Recommendations from a great activity or destination are valid reasons to add something to your bucket list.

So if you hear about something 20 years from now and you want to do it, then add it to the list.


Make your bucket list visible

Don’t keep this list in your head. Write it down somewhere.

There are a bunch of great apps out there to help your keep track of things and ideas. Personally, I like to use either notes or Microsoft to do.

You even use a diary, journal or note book. Keep it old school.

Or you could make a blog or video diary with your bucket list and become a travel blogger…that’s how I started.


Be proactive with your Bucket list

Pick holidays on the list

Before picking your next destination, have a look at your bucket list and pick something from it. This is not only your bucket list but your next destination list.

If you have destinations on your list that are really expensive and you just want to go anywhere or somewhere cheap, then that’s ok. Everyone needs a break. But check your list to see if there are any activities you can do there instead?

If I’m on a budget, I’ll check the destinations on Skyscanner and see if any of my bucket list locations are on there, then book that one.

Keep that list in your mind, keep it insight and keep ticking it off.


Research destinations you’ve already booked

Booked somewhere already? Take a look at the tourist board website, ask your travel agent or look at TripAdvisor to see if there are any activities you can do that are on your list.

You need to optimise every holiday, vacation, staycation, weekend getaway, travel opportunity to see if there is at least one item on your list you could try to do.


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Booking trips with several things on your list will get your list done quicker and/or save you money in the long term.


Tick off a bucket list item and shout about it

When you complete an item on your bucket list. Tell the world! Share it on social media, tell your friends and talk about your adventure with the family. Tweet me! I’d love to know!

By sharing your experiences, you could inspire someone else to create a bucket list or to add a destination or activity to their list.

Remember it’s your bucket list, your life, your memories.


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    I keep starting and adding and restarting my bucket list. Thank you for sharing this

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