7 ways to celebrate 4th July at home

How to celebrate 4th July at home

I’m quite lucky to say I’ve spent a fair amount of summers in the USA which fell over 4th July. Even though I’m British, I like to celebrate Independence Day too and especially with my friends in America.

I’ve spent 3 summers at USA Summer camps in California and Pennsylvania. My 4th July’s typically consisted of Chuckwagon breakfast with pancakes filed high, funfairs, face painting, flags everywhere and incredible fireworks displays to draw the day to a close.

Last year, I even spent 4th July in Denali National park playing corn hole and cooking hot dogs on a BBQ. America knows how to celebrate.

I didn’t have plans to celebrate 4th July in America this year as I should have been back from my epic travel trip around Asia and Australia if it wasn’t for the Corona Virus.

However, it looks like the United Kingdom will be holding our own celebrations in a weird timing coincidence. Yes, more lockdown restrictions are being lifted and we’ll have more freedom.

On 4th July, American or British, celebrating Independence Day or Lockdown freedom, let’s try to celebrate at home. Yes, we might be creeping closer back to normality but we still have a 1-meter plus rule to consider and a virus which is still looming around the world.

For anyone wanting to celebrate 4th July, here are some ideas on how you can celebrate safe at home.

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Decorate your pad red, white and blue

The USA and the UK both have red, white and blue in their flags so whatever your celebrating get decorating.

Show your neighbourhood your celebrating, do it for the gram or just get festive. Get the binding out, put out a flag or get dressed up.

The more people in your household joining in the better. Get involved!

Decorate your pad red, white and blue
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All you can eat chicken Wing Competition

Chicken Wings is just a suggestions but all you can eat competitions are a pretty big deal in America.

Depending on the state or location they might have different variations of the “sport”. It can be anything from crabs, burgers, ice-cream to American Pie.

Americans take this competition very seriously.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash


Get the BBQ out

If you believe food is a marathon and not a sprint, then pull out the BBQ. Having a continuous supply of delicious hot food from the BBQ is a must and is even better when the weather is hot.

Get some good American food favourites on the go, like hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob, pork chops and even steak if you’re really hungry.


Beer Pong with Red solo cups

I think I was inducted into beer pong within a week of living and working in America. First day off, going to a colleagues garage with a beer pong table already set up to go.

Even if you’re not familiar with the game, red solo cups are an American party essential.

You can get them from Amazon or a supermarket but when you’re cleaning up, don’t forget to recycle.

Beer Pong with Red solo cups


Order some American Cuisine

If you haven’t noticed, food is a critical part of your 4th July celebrations. You can’t have a decent 4th July without the right cuisine.

What if you can’t cook (like me) or have no BBQ? It’s time to order in!

Yes. Thankfully, due to lazy or time restricting habits we now have food deliverable and with speed. Get on apps like Deliveroo, Just Eat or Uber Eats and get your favourite American foods delivered to your door!


Watch a classic American Film

My inner film nerd loves a movie for an occasion and there’s nothing like watching a classic film with friends, family or solo.

For 4th July, I recommend watching either, TopGun, Forest Gump, An American Tail or even Captain America: First Avenger. If it’s got the American flag in pretty much every scene, put it on.

Personally, for me, nothing beats Independence Day. I’m talking about the 1996 film and not the sequel which was just a cheesy hot mess. Even with all the Aliens, it’s a great patriotic film. Now that’s what I call a close encounter.


End the night with Fireworks

It wouldn’t be 4th July without fireworks but please be responsible.

There’s nothing worse than ruining an occasion with someone getting hurt or injured because they didn’t want to read the instructions, just being stupid and irresponsible or shouldn’t have been touching them in the first place. Be safe.

Summer camp definitely did the best fireworks displays. Everyone at the top of the hill with their campers, all wrapped up warm, finishing their food and watching all the colours fill the sky.

Happy 4th July everyone!

End the night with fireworks
Photo by Colton Duke on Unsplash


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Ensure to follow government guidelines, have fun but be safe. No affiliate links.
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