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Bye 2019! But before you go, let’s have a recap of all the great films we had to watch this year. In 2019, I watched 47 films at the cinema. 47! Not only did I watch all these films, I reviewed them and ranked them from best to worst.

I also, watched a bunch of films and shows on Netflix too but they have their place on a different list. Separated from the theatrical, just like Spielberg would want in award ceremonies, but more for my own OCD and SEO. 


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Before anyone starts, I haven’t seen Little Women yet. Sorry. Maybe it’ll go into next years post?

Here’s my favourite films of 2019….



What I enjoyed the most about this film, is that I wasn’t really aware of the original video animation before James Cameron brought it to life in 2019 for the big screen. 

I enjoy films which immerse me into a new world. New rules, new surroundings, new culture, new way of life, new everything. 

The main character Alita has an advanced coming of age journey but also has a great back story trying to find out who she is while understanding the new world she’s in too. You feel like you’re going onto this journey with her.

It has some great characters and case but also some epic actions scenes including Roller Ball which in pretty intense, original and fun to watch.

The CGI is incredible, from the robots to the world around them.

Alita 1



Nothing better than a good old British Comedy. We’ve been seriously lacking in good British films of late but this makes up for it. 

Even though The Rock stars in this film (because he has to be in everything nowadays), it doesn’t over shadow the family. Even Vince Vaughn’s A list status doesn’t take away the shine from the main character. 

This film is based on a true story. Yes, that’s right! This is a real British family from Norwich and their daughter really did make it to WWE. Dreams do come true. 

It’s got some great British stars including Florence Pugh, Nick Frost and Stephen Merchant. Frost in particular was born to play this role and I enjoyed watching every second of him. 

I love films about chasing your dreams and Saraya Knight story is particularly moving, because it’s not just her dream to make it into the WWE but all her families too. 




Out of all the live action Disney films this year, this is by far my favourite. Yes, even better than the Lion King! Why? Because Aladdin did something different and even through in a new song with it. Lion King was pretty much scene by scene, line by line the same. 

Aladdin mixes up the whole story and gives it a splash of vibrancy. It’s beautifully choreographed and the sets are stunning. 

What I do love about this film is how the women shine through. The handmaid gives us a bit of additional comedy with an extra story line along side the Genie and Jasmine is the star of the film. She proves to be a strong role model and a great leader which makes the story line a lot more believable.

Robin Williams didn’t leave much room for improvement on this role but Will Smith did a great job on providing his own stamp on the beloved character. He did it justice. The CGI effects team…did not. But let’s forget that.  

aladdin 1



My last film of the year and it jumps right in at 7th place for 2019. It’s a film 40 years in the making, a part of the true Star Wars story and brings back all our favourite characters. Is that why it’s a good film though?

No, it’s because I enjoyed every second. There are so many elements that make this a good movie. Best of all the Star Wars movies? No. But still good enough to make the list. 

Like all good trilogies, the third film always brings you back to the beginning. The characters, the locations and the iconic quotes. 

As the story concludes, characters are lost and the final battle ends, there was a lot of emotion building. This is what makes a great film. Place your bets now for another “trilogy” within the next decade.

star wars 1



I thought the first film would be awful and then in a strange turn of events, I absolutely loved it. When they announced a second movie, I was counting the days till it’s release and hearing drum music in my sleep.

Not only is the whole squad back in this film but they bring a few more big names to the game including, the legends Danny de Vito and Danny Glover. 

The character mix up is quite amusing but the Danny’s steal the show by trying to cope within a video game. It just reminds me of the frustrations with my mum and dad trying to play games with them. Other than dad always cheats and mum gives up half way through. They wouldn’t make it through a level in Jumanji. 

The ending was a bit hit and miss but the extra scene after the credits makes me hope for a third installment. 

jumanji 1



Well, I am from Merseyside after all so this couldn’t have been a surprise. I loved this movie and yes, I might be a bit bias but I’m also a sucker for Danny Boyle films

It’s not like these other artist dedicated movies or based around an arists story but a alternate reality where the Beatles don’t exist. TRAGIC! It’s not just the Beatles either, it’s other bands, inventions, products, etc too and only 1 guy remembers them who is a struggling musician.

He takes them for his own and gets famous. Would you do it?

Not only is it filled with great Beatles music but it’s got some other classics too. It’s a great sing a long movie with a great romantic story line along side it. Oh, it’s a laugh a minute too. 

yesterday 1


4. US

We all knew Jordan Peele wasn’t going to be a one hit wonder and another incredible feature would shortly be on the way.

US is scarier than Get Out for sure. It’s still got that element of mystery and you’re hanging on to understand what the hell is going on? There’s also that great element of humour that not many horrors or thrillers can pull off under the intense circumstances. 

With this movie comes an incredible cast including Black Panther’s Lupita Nyong’o and The Handmaid’s Tale Elisabeth Moss. 

Now just another anxious wait till Candyman. 

US 1



I get a lot of stick for liking this film as I know a few of my fellow reviewers didn’t think highly of it but I really enjoyed it. I’m sticking to my guns and announcing it online. 

I really connected with Captain Marvel more than any other character in the Marvel Universe. Maybe because it’s set in the 90s, how she’s really sarcastic but mostly the moral behind the story about keep getting up and trying again. 

She reminds me of myself in so many ways. Maybe it’s the hair too but she’s got balls and I love that. She’s sassy and just makes me want to be more like her. Maybe I should take flying lessons?

Besides that, the film itself gives us more into Fury’s back story and the lead up to the highly anticipated Avengers EndGame. Another one please!

Captain marvel 1



This film was very unexpected. I thought it would be awful if I’m honest but here it is at number 2. 

The story is very dark but I liked the way it displays a true perspective of mental health (without making it look like we’ll all become evil villains or psychopaths) and how the system didn’t use to support people as good as they do now. 

It covers so many issues and as someone who suffers from mental health issues, it really got to me. It was very real and traumatic, that it was really hard to watch in places

Then, there Joaquin Phoenix. What a performance. Everything said above was mostly down to him. There must be an award or two waiting for him this upcoming Awards season. 

joker 1



Well it shouldn’t come to much as a surprised that this film will be at the top of most peoples lists. 10 years of waiting and let’s face it, it was worth the wait. 

I watched this film in on the first day of show in South London with a cinema packed full of Marvel fans. Now that’s how to watch the best film of the year. Everyone reacting along with you, screaming, shouting, cheering, crying (a lot in my case). It was a film for the fans and we got everything we wanted and more. 

I’m actually really sad to see it end, even though we’re now heading into Phase 4 (with half going into Disney+ those cheeky buggers). It won’t be the same but I’m glad I got the ending I wanted, despite losing some of my favourite characters.

Thank you Stan.

endgame 1







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