I’m back from an incredible week away with Medsailors in Greece on the Saronic route. I’ve wanted to book a trip with them for about 3 years but I had so many anxieties and worries about their trips, which got in the way of pressing the “Book” button. 

This year, I dedicated my travels to fighting my fear of water and took baby steps in every adventure I took to reach my goal of booking a Medsailors trip. 

My fear of open water was my biggest obstacle but certainly not the only reason I avoided booking a trip for so long. 

I’ve had a lot of comments from other people saying they felt the same too. I want to get all the worries and fears we all have about booking these trip down, and squash any reasons why you shouldn’t book a trip.


“It took me 3 years to book my first trip and 1 week to know I’m 100% booking another!”


For first time travellers, actually booking a trip is the hardest part for anyone who has anxiety or worries about a destination or booking with a travel company for the first time.


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Your first trip is the start of all your adventures that you’ve been dreaming of for so long. If your first trip is amazing, it’ll be quicker and easier for you to book the next. If things do go wrong…it’s all apart of the adventure! 

Here’s some of the main worries I had before booking my trip with Medsailors, so you can feel better about getting your trip booked asap…



I was really worried that I would feel sick every day on board the yacht but it only really happened on 2 occasions during my 7 days trip. 

The first time was on the second day but I took some “motion sickness” tablets and felt better in 30 minutes.

The second and last time was on the last day which was mostly my fault because I was very hungover after the Toga party. It was also very rough seas which you can’t do anything about but I again took my tablets, had a nap and woke up back in Athens. 

On board our yatch with MedsailorsSunset in Greece

We had a great week of calm seas during my week on the yacht and we spent a lot of time on land too, so you’re not on the boat all the time. We we’re really lucky with the weather.

NATASHA’S TRAVEL TIP: If you suffer from Motion or sea sickness, bring some motion sickness tablets. Available over the counter or can be prescribed from your doctor. Try to bring non drowsy ones if possible. Alternatively, lying down on the boat really helps.

Lying down to avoid motion sickness



I had huge issues with the plank onto the boat. I’m not the most balanced person in the world at all so I was terrified I would fall off. 

Luckily, everyone was really nice and helped me get on board or onto shore for the first couple of days till I found my feet. 


Photo credit: The Giraffe’s Life

The Skipper’s are wells trained and give you a good safety talk on the very first day. We knew exactly what to do if someone fell over board…even out skipper. Luckily, we never had to put this into practice. 

After I got over my initial fear of the water, I was more concerned about getting my camera wet or loosing my purse etc, rather than me physically falling in. 

Medsailors yachtAt sea with MedsailorsSwinging off

NATASHA’S TRAVEL TIP: Keep everything in a bag or waterproof bag. Take your time. There’s no rush. Don’t take anything expensive with you, things you can’t replace. It’s not the end of the world if you fall in. In most cases it’s actually hilarious if you do. 



I’m a fussy eater, always have been. Every time I go to a new country I do worry about what I’m going to eat. I actually ate really well and tried lots of new food which I never do.

During my week with Medsailors, I tried Mussels, Feta, Aubergine and Olives for the first time! Yes, I kid you not. I’m that fussy. Especially when it comes to Fruit and vegetables, I really struggle to try them and get them in my diet. 

Luckily for my digestive system, I had 4 Vegetarians on board. It actually wasn’t till the 4th/5th day I realised that all our breakfasts and lunches (which are cooked on board by our amazing skipper Alistair) were all vegetarian meals. They did throw in some sausages one day which I really appreciated.

We had 3 group dinner meals during the trip which are organised with Medsailors where you eat with all the other boats. These meals had lots of different dishes, like tapas but a bit bigger and the plates just kept on coming. 

Once we were were full and then our skipper told us that was just the starters….excuse me!? There’s more?? The dishes included lots of salads for vegetarians but also seafood and meats too. Fish, meatballs, mussels and lots of cheese! 

If there were days where I really just wanted a burger, I could do that on my free days. When we docked we could wonder around and go check out a local restaurant of our choice and pick our own meals. 


Chicken stick with Chips


Chicken and bread


Burger and chips

I must say my favourite meals were the desserts! Ice cream and sorbet in 30oC Greece heat is perfect after a long day in the sun. 



My biggest fear is open water. When I was 7, I drown in open water of the coast of Gran Canaria and I’ve had nightmares ever since. I’ve actually avoided open water and swimming for 20+ years till I faced my fear on this trip

Obviously not everyone will have this fear, but I know a few people have said they are scared of things in the water. 

The water is ridiculously clear and has lots of fishes to swim with so make sure you have an underwater camera ready for lots of photos. The only real thing to be aware of is sea urchins near the rocks. They can hurt if you stand on them. 

Are there Sharks in the water? Sharks are very rarely spotted in Greece. You’re actually more likely to see sea life like dolphins (which some of my crew did see), turtles, seals and whales. Maybe the odd unicorn too…

UnicornJumping inCrew SwimIMG_3129



I’ve obviously never done water sports before because that would mean getting into the water which I’ve been avoiding, so water sports hadn’t crossed my mind before. 

I love adventurous activities. I’d rather do an adventure and action packed trip any day rather than a bucket’n’spade holiday. 

When the water sports day came, I nearly didn’t go because my crew and skipper thought I wouldn’t want to go. However, this was the day after I got in the water for the first time so I wasn’t so scared anymore and wanted to get stuck in.

I waited for a few people to have a go first to get the general gists of what was happening (and to way up the odds of me falling in). It was actually a lot of fun and I did fall in, but I was laughing too much to care.

Water Biscuit

Photo by @bengrahamnz

Water Couch

Photo by @bengrahamnz

Me and my Boyz

Photo by @bengrahamnz

NATASHA’S TRAVEL TIP: Wear tight underwear/swimming briefs….mine fell off when I fell in. Seriously. haha.



I’m not a model, I’m not skinny and I’m just about average body size. I’m a “plus size” girl and I’ve got wobbly bits…


“I’m not 100% body confident but I feel closer to it after the trip”


Bobbin' along

I was really worried before going on the trip about my body and being in a bikini surrounded by beautiful beach body babes. Yes, I was surrounded by young beautiful girls with amazing bodies but I was having too much fun once I got in the water to care.

The thing is, no one cares…but you. Trying to get that into my head was the hardest part and it took me a few days to feel comfortable in a bikini. 

Paddle boarding in a

NATASHA’S TRAVEL TIPS: Try wearing a one piece first to get your self comfortable. Feel feel to wear shirts and shorts too. It’s your holiday. Do what you feel will be best for you and no one else. 



I love sleeping and I hate being woken up abruptly. I’m at the higher end of the 18-35 age limit for these trips, so I was worried that I would be on a boat full of rowdy 18 year old who want to drink all the time. 

Medsailors are really good at pairing people up. Before I left, I asked them if I could be on a quieter boat and they came through. My fellow crew were amazing. We liked a good drink, dance and party but we also appreciated quiet time and sleeping. Perfect combination.

There were only 3 big nights out on this trip. These were on the first night, second night and the last night. They were all the nights the boats have dinner together and the skippers take us to a club or bar to go to after. Great nights out!

My CrewShots off the floorToga Party

NATASHA’S TRAVEL TIP: When you book your trip, ask to be on a quiet or party boat so you have the best experience.



For a lot of people, taking your first trip alone is really difficult and actually booking your first solo adventure is the hardest step. 

Personally, I travel the world solo a lot and I still remember my very first solo adventure. I also remember taking 2-3 years preparing myself to actually book it.


“Dreaming of travelling the world solo is easy. Getting the courage to book your first solo trip can be hard. Travelling the world solo is an adventure!”


Remember, just because you see a lot of people just pack up and go, doesn’t mean you have to. Do what you feel is right for you, go where you want to go and book when you’re ready.


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Medsailors had a lot of couples and friends travelling together but there were still quite a few passengers who were solo travellers too. 

I made a lot of friends on the trip who were solo or travelling with someone else. Just because you’re travelling solo, doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. 

The best part about Medsailors is that there’s several boats travelling on the same day, so you can speak to other people too when you dock and hang out in bars.

I’ve made a few friends on this trip who I’ve planned to meet up with, one I’ve already seen within days of returning (my BFF Ben @bengrahamnz who’s kindly lent me his photos and drone footage) and people from other countries I can’t wait to meet up with when I go the US or Australia. 

My CrewMe and my boys on the WaterCouchMe and myHannah and IMe and the girlsLast mealJumping fail

NATASHA’S TRAVEL TIP: Don’t be scared to mingle with other people on other boats when you go to the bar’s and clubs or exploring the island. You don’t have to hang out with just the people on your boat but you’re boat will always be the best!


“One of the best parts of travelling is meeting new people, who love travelling just like you!”


Watch me take on my fears and anxieties on the trip:


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