We’re half way through the year and we’ve still got a lot of amazing films to look forward to. There’s a great mix of films too, including a Marvel superhero, a DC villian, murderous clowns, live action Disney and the return of Leonardo DiCaprio to name few.


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There’s still quite a few films from my highly anticipated films of 2019 list too so week those weekend clear, there’s a lot of cinema trips still to be had this year. 


Spider-Man: Far from Home

I’m still a little distraught over Avenger’s EndGame but I’m ready for this next installment of the Marvel films. Actually I’m sort of craving it. I love the new Spider-Man aka our Tom Holland who is  the best Spider-Man yet. Also, my future hubby Jake Gyllenhaal is in it too! He’ll have to take my last name thought because that’s too much for my dyslexia.

Approximate release date 2nd July 2019


The Lion King

I seriously think this could break some serious records. So far Aladdin is my favourite live action film but by the trailer, this film could top it. Lion King has been dragged out so long that the anticipation on this film is at an all time high. Bring on the hyenas, stampede and Pumba’s gas!

Approximate release date 19th July 2019


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Hello Leo! We missed you. It’s been 4 YEARS since Leonardo DiCaprio has made a movie! 4 YEARS! Imagine having enough money to live off, have a luxury lifestyle and not work for 4 years. What have you been doing Leo? At least he’s back and not just with any film but with a Quentin Tarantino flick. Looking for another Oscar Leo and another 4 years off?

Approximate release date 26th July 2019


IT: Chapter Two

Pennywise returns…27 years later. The losers club is all grown up and back dealing with the same murderous clown they defeated when they were kids. Should be easier to kill off a clown as an adult…right? 

Approximate release date 6th September 2019


Ad Astra

Brad Pitt’s been busy lately. He’s got himself the little space movie. Anything to pay for those divorce bills Pitt? Man falls from space and survives? Really? It’s no Intersteller but it’s got Tommy Lee Jones in it too and man I miss him!

Approximate release date 18th September 2019



This looks insane! Joaquin Phoenix is a super star and this role is perfect for him. This take on the famous Batman villain showcases the darker physiological side to this messed up character. When you think the Joker couldn’t get any darker

Approximate release date 4th October 2019


Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Probably one of my favourite and most underrated (sometimes forgotten about) live action Disney films. It’s got a unique angle on the cartoon version and a truley stunning version of the Sleeping Beauty story based on the villian. Jolie is still stunningly brilliant in the original and looks fabulous in the next.

Approximate release date 18th October 2019


Terminator: Dark Fate

Yes, another Terminator film. However, unlike Salvation this film brings back the ledge Arnie. I’m going to pretend like Genisys didn’t happen. Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back and so is Sarah O’Conner. I wish Arnie wouldn’t take “I’ll be back” so literally, just let the films die. 

Approximate release date 25th October 2019


Doctor Sleep

Being dyslexic and all, I’m not very well acquainted with the Stephen King books so when I was watching this trailer I was fascinated and excited about a new horror film. Then, it twigged. A continuation of one of the most iconic horror films in history. Yes, yes please!

Approximate release date 8th November 2019


Frozen 2

Let it goooooo…nooooo! Not when there’s millions of dollars to be made with a sequel. After the success of the first film, Disney have pulled a sequel out the bag. Will it be as good as the first film, probably not. Will it have more addictive songs? Probably. Will it be the talk of every 5 year old across the world? Yes, annoyingly yes.

Approximate release date 22nd November 2019


Charlie’s Angels

OK. There’s a bit of buzz around this film since the trailer dropped a few days ago but I’m not completely convinced. I was a huge fan of the last films and the new film feels a lot more serious. There’s also the big question mark over Kristen Stewart’s action acting ability. I just find her deeply annoying.

Approximate release date 29th November 2019


Star Wars: The Rise of SkyWalker

The last of the sequel trilogy….before it starts all over again. We don’t get another Star Wars film till about 2022 but how many is uncertain. There is a new trilogy in the works and I’m sure more spin offs to go with this money making machine.

Approximate release date 14th December 2019


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