No one fits into just one box. If you like travelling you probably like other things too. For example food, sailing, photography, wildlife, nature, etc. That’s the best part about travel. Diversity. 

Meeting new people while travelling but also having different interests, coming from different backgrounds and enjoy different parts of travelling. We’re all different but we have this one thing we love. Travel.

Obviously if you already follow my blog you might be an anxious traveler like me, but what other boxes do you fall into? Do you like adventure? Food? Luxury?

Over the years I’ve met so many travel bloggers, online, at events or on the road. We all write about travel but focusing on different aspects of travel. Everyone has a different perspective of what they experience travelling the world. 

I thought this would be a great chance to not only showcase some amazing bloggers and friends of mine, but to give you the chance to see what kind of travel bloggers you relate to (other than myself of course!).

Here’s some types of travellers and bloggers you might want to check out:


The Foodie

If you love travelling to try out the local cuisine, love nothing better than tasting new food and finding new places to eat, then look no further. 

Milly from Mini Adventures is not only a great travel blogger but she knows all the great places to get something to eat in London and beyond. Her Instagram makes me so jealous and rethink why I didn’t chose this niche (a part from my lack of smell and taste!).

For a gal in a full time job, she knows how to use her free time wisely to hit the road. She’s recently been to Finland, Bratislava, Hungary and the United States of America. Milly also lives in London and loves to eat out. Her Instagram stories give me crazy food envy with her great photos of all the delicious delicacies she’s about to eat.

…and damn she can take a good food picture!!!


Plus Size Travel

Are you fed up of only seeing “skinny, blonde girls with a perfect tan” travel bloggers on Instagram? Feel like they don’t represent your body type and maybe feel like you can’t travel because of your size? Look no further because you’re not alone

Kirsty Leanne is not only a great Plus Size Travel blogger but has created a movement for Plus Size Travellers. Getting the travel industry to recognize that not only skinny girls travel but we #PlusSizeTravelToo

She’s created a community of Plus Size Travel Bloggers and followers who love travelling but feel like they get recognized within the typical travel circles or by certain brands. 

She’s also a really clever lass who has done several workshops and talks with brands in the UK and abroad. She’s definitely someone of all shapes and sizes should check out. 


The Backpackers

Thinking of heading out travelling on your own for the first time or planning to backpack Asia? Or do you just want to get away with nothing but you belongings on your back then The Juicy Vlog is for you.

George and Lucy have been travelling less than a year and they’ve taken YouTube by storm! They now have over 200,000 subscribers and there’s no surprise with the amazing content they’re making. 

They’re uploading daily vlogs from their travels in Asia. Their videos are not just useful and have great tips for new travellers but the cinematography is fantastic.


The Explorer

Do you love exploring the world, getting in those early rises, going on daily expeditions, going off the beaten track and not afraid to get a little lost?

Dannielle of While I’m Young is a fellow northern lass who I met at the Northern Blog Awards and won best travel influencer of the year. She’s a lovely person and has a great blog too. 

She really gets around (not like that – she’s happily engaged!) exploring the world. She takes great photos and not afraid to get her hiking gear on to tackle the local trails. Getting the best out of all her adventures. She’s also got great tips on working abroad too.

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I've just published a sponsored blog post on whileimyoung.com all about what women should look for in a backpack, and I've included a review of @ospreyeurope's Skimmer 20 backpack, the perfect compact rucksack for day hikes or, if you're a low maintenance gal who packs smart, an adventurous break. Writing this took me back to purchasing my very first adventure backpack aged 21. I did about six 'trial packs' and every time I put it on, I'd promptly fall back onto my bum because of the unfamiliar weight 😂 I'm so glad I now know how to find the perfect fit and design for me, thanks to Osprey who have been making bags specifically for women for 25 years! Now I'm craving a backpacking adventure…

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The Thrill Seeker

The complete opposite of a “bucket ‘n’ spade” holiday goer. Would you rather be out and about taking part in as many activities as you can pack into your tight schedule, than spending it all day lying on a beach?

Scott from Intrepid Escape is always looking for adventure. Travelling to amazing places around the world but also sampling the best activities in each location. 

When he’s not travelling, he’s also a keen runner and loves cars. He’s for you adrenaline junkies out there. 


The Part Time Traveller

Work a full time job but still like to travel as much as you can, as often as you can? So many places and so little time to cram it all in. 

Caroline from Pack the Suitcases is all about travelling while keeping a full time job. She loves getting out there and making the most of what little time off she might have. 

She’s got great blog posts from each place she travels, giving great advice on how to spend your time wisely in each place so you can enjoy every destination to it’s fullest. 



The Storyteller

Do you like to document your adventures? Have a notebook in hand, a large camera and collecting snippets from your locations. 

Dave from Man VS Globe is another fellow northerner. He loves taking photos and documenting his travel journey. His photos are incredible and really captivate the places he’s visiting. 

He loves a craft beer too.


The Culture Vulture

Do you love learning? Finding out the local history, food and art when you go to new places? Enjoying speaking to the locals and wandering around museums?

Emily Luxton is a top travel blogger. She loves learning about each location she visits and taking some local knowledge home with her. Leaning about local traditions, languages, food, art and getting to know the locals.

She’s been on the travel blogging circuit for a long time and is a great, knowledgeable travel professional. A brave solo traveller and an inspiration to travel bloggers starting up or just new travellers taking their first steps on the open road. 


The City Breaker

Not a full time traveller and prefer a weekend or week away somewhere in the UK or Europe. Getting away for a short time and little sample of a 

Beverley from Pack your Passport is another northern lass and winner of Best Travel Blog at the Northern Blog Awards. She loves a good city break and has written blogs posts about her favourite cities in the UK and Europe.

She gives great advice on how to make the most of your short break away in some of the best locations. Letting you know the best things to do, eat, drink and visit.


The Photographers

Love getting snap happy in the most beautiful places and look forward to editing those photos when you get home? 

Bella from Passport and Pixels should be your travel photography inspiration. Not only is she a talented photographer but she’s also…AWARD WINNING!

Yes, my girl Bella is the winner of Best photography at the UK Blog awards and the Traverse Awards. Take a look at her snaps. Well deserving winner!


BONUS: The Anxious Traveller

Also known as the Overly Cautious Traveller or the uneasy one. Arrives at the airport super early, has check lists for everything, doesn’t trust anyone and afraid to try new things.

That’s me! Little miss scaredy cat. I write about facing my fears, conquering my anxiety one step at a time and one country at a time. It might take me a little longer to do things but once I get over my initial anxiety my excitement of travelling really shines through. 

If you’re afraid about travelling for the first time or suffering with anxiety but love to travel or want to travel, then your already in the right place. 

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✨LIVE THE ADVENTURE✨ Man what a ride! Just got back to Cairo after an intense 9 hour bus ride from Luxor. My legs are dead, I’m super tired and I’m hangry! Straight to bed because we’ve got one last day in Cairo before getting my flight back to London on Sunday morning…another early morning. I can’t wait to sleep! But I also can’t wait to edit these travel vlogs and show you what I’ve been up to! ☀️🐫 ———————————– BLOG: www.NatashaAtlas.com TWITTER: @natashaatlas_ YOUTUBE: Natasha Atlas FACEBOOK: NatashaAtlasBlog ———————————– #Egypt #karnak #thisisegypt #travelanxiety #anxietytravel #travelblogger #africa #londonblogger #thetraveltag #averagegirlsize #iamtraveler #uktravelblogger #instatraveller #solotravel #femmetravel #passionpassport #letsgoeverywhere #starttheadventure #tblogger #ukblogger #traveltalktours #localsknow #journeyofgirls #sheisnotlost #girlsvsglobe #worldwanderer #girlsborntotravel #travelcaptures #ladiesgoneglobal #blogandbeyond

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    Love this post! I’ve followed three new bloggers I didn’t know about before. It’s great to see other bloggers supporting one another – I’d love to do a post like this for my blog too. Thanks for sharing.

    Anneka @New Shades of Hippy http://www.newshadesofhippy.com

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