Egypt has been on my bucket list for such a long time but I’ve been held back from booking a trip because of other people’s opinions. People saying “Don’t go to Egypt…it’s a dangerous country, it’s dirty, you’ll get the shits, you’ll get harassed…it’s just not safe“. 

Every time I go to a new country, there’s always one person who pops up who’s been there before and didn’t like it. Who’ll press their opinion and tell you not to go. If you listened to everyone who did this to you, you’ll never leave your home town. 

Travelling alone can be scary enough without people putting doubts in your mind. 

I like to be prepared, which is why I created “An Anxious Traveller’s Guide” for people who get worried about travelling especially alone. These posts are not to put people off travelling to these countries but to prepare you and provide tips for each place to help you have the best experience possible.

The main thing to focus on the positives. Remember why you want to travel to that country in the first place. The places you want to see with your own eyes, the things you want to experience, the food you want to eat.

There’s so many things that can out weigh the negatives. Here’s a few reasons why you should travel to Egypt…


Safety in a tour group

I travelled to Egypt with Travel Talk Tours. I could have travelled solo but I personally felt a lot more comfortable travelling with a group of people and I just in general love the aspects of a group tour. 

Firstly, everyone in the group already has a few things in common before you get to know them. Everyone loves to travel and everyone wants to experience the wonders of Egypt. You can even make new friends whilst your away. There’s always someone to walk around with to and help you get photos of yourself in great places. Not a place to be wondering off on your own.


Our amazing group *The Pharaohs” 

You also get a lovely coach to travel in with all your luggage stored away underneath. We also had a police escort throughout the trip. We had our very own policeman on the bus and a police car which drove us from Cairo to Luxor and back again. 

Travel Talk Coach

Our coach


Inside the coach


Trusty Tour Guides

Our Tour Leader Sam (The Man) was great. He had a degree in Egyptology and years of experience guiding tour groups. We also had a trainee tour leader Amood who was with us on the cruise too and he was just as knowledgeable. They knew so much history about each location and loved teaching us about their country.

We felt very safe with our tour guides. When we had the opportunity to walk about in locations in small groups, they would tell exactly where we could go which was safe and where to stay away from. 



Exploring Temples like Lara Croft (kinda)

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Egypt was to check out all the Egyptian temples and sites. I loved reading about hieroglyphs when I was younger and Egypt has an incredible history of Kings and Queens. 

The buildings are so fascinating and the historic meanings behind them are mind blowing. There’s so much culture and history behind every site you visit, it’s tough to take it all in.  

Even the burial grounds and tombs are beautiful. Descending down into the Valley of the Kings was one of my favourite parts of trip. The crypts are so beautifully decorated and it’s so surreal when you’re down there. 



Wonder-ful Pyramids

OK. This is what you’re here for. Giant buildings in a triangular shapes. Yes, the pyramids are the main attraction for Egypt, there’s no fighting about it. That’s just facts. 

Yes, the pyramids are world wonder and a spectacular sight to see in person. First thing I realized is that there not in the middle of no where. Nope. They’re down the road from out hotel. On the outskirts of Cairo?! Who knew? You can even see them when you fly into Cairo (if you have a window seat that is and if you’re on the correct side of the airplane). 

I didn’t even realise how many there were. I was thinking 1 or 2 but there’s actually 4 of them in one location. You can also see the evolution of pyramids. The first one we visited was the first ever pyramid and you can see they didn’t quote get the shape right. Our tour leader explained this to us on the trip that it was more of an extension added on which got out of control. 

pyramids 2IMG_9578IMG_9585


Oh Mummy!

Seeing Mummified bodies with my own is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but they’re truly an incredible sight to see in person. 

Our tour leader explained the mummification process in great detail. The Gross and brutal detail. Mummy’s are kept in the Cairo Museum. You won’t find mummies anywhere else in the world because they have to be kept on Egyptian soil. 

You can’t take pictures in the mummy room out of respect but those images of all the kings and queens who have been mummified will stay with me forever. What an experience. 100% one of my top travel moments. 


Cairo Museum



Mummified crocodile



Tutankhamun Statue from the Stone workshop


Camel riding

Riding a camel in Egypt is a massive bucket list item. I didn’t part take in this in Egypt as I had previously done it in Morocco. It’s an amazing experience. I miss my camel. 

There’s something magical about riding a camel which makes you feel like an Arabian princess or something. These camels also have great character, or at least mine did. Such a diva!

In Egypt, you can get a camel ride past the Great Pyramid so you can get that ultimate Instagram shot, memory banked and bucket list item ticked off. 

CamelsCamel ridersCamels next to Pyramid


Friendly Locals

Despite what people say about people from Egypt, I found most of them really friendly and helpful. Yes, there are a few minorly aggressive, persistent slightly intimidating people in the Bazaars and tourist sites but they’re just what I call “hard sellers“. 

If I think about it, I’m a hard seller too in my job so I can’t really blame them for that. You’ve got to work with what works well for you to bring home the bacon…or falafel.

Since I arrived in Egypt, there were so many helpful and lovely members of the Travel Talk team who stood out. From the airport shuttle man to our tour guides and all the hotel staff. I even encountered several lovely policeman with slightly intimidating machine guns who helped us take photos and escort me across the street to the corner shop. Everyone just wants to ensure you have the best time in Egypt possible.


Sam our Tour Leader


The Stone Workshop


Amood our trainee Tour Leader


The Papyrus Paper artists


5* Nile Cruise

One of the highlights of my trip was the Nile Cruise. There’s not really a lot of information online about this section of the trip, even on the Travel Talk website but Even if you didn’t do a tour, I would highly recommend the Nile Cruise alone.


We took our cruise from Aswan to Luxor. We jumped on the cruise a day early before setting sail the next day. We were ahead of the Felucca option all the time and even docked at Luxor 12 hours before the sailing group got there. We even went through a sand storm at night but we didn’t notice from our lovely rooms but the Felucca group sure did on deck all night. 

Our rooms were amazing. A great comfy bed, hotel shower, unlimited toilet roll (very important) and a small seating area with a great view of us on the River Nile


Standard Cabins


Sunset on the Cruise from my room

We had an all you can eat buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner which we all took advantage of for every meal. The re was also entertainment on the cruise from a Cocktail party (free drinks) and a Belly Dancer. We also docked for several temple excursions which were the same as the Felucca group were going to see.




Belly Dancer

Up deck we had a bar, a swimming pool, lots of seating and sun loungers. We spent a great lazy day chilling out on the deck. You need at least one good chill day on a trip. 


Swimming pool on top deck


Sunset on the Cruise


Once in a Lifetime Experience

I’m so proud of myself that I finally went to Egypt. You imagine and save up for something for so long, then you finally get there and it’s over in an instant. I’m so happy I went. It’s just as incredible as I thought it would be. 

It’s one of those massive bucket list locations with so many things you want to see and just a few days isn’t enough to do it. A tour is the best way to do it and I wouldn’t have change it for anything. 

I met some amazing people, I felt safe at all times and I saw everything I wanted to see. A truly once in a life time experience which I’m always going to remember. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to anyone who tried to put me off!



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Disclaimer: I purchased my own seat on this tour for my birthday holiday by myself. I didn’t receive any payment or gifted items for this tour and Travel Talk didn’t request me to provide any content in exchange for services. I wanted to write about my own experience on this tour. All words and thoughts as always are my own. 

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