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I’ve still been in deep with my Christmas Movies on Netflix and had most of them on repeat over the holidays but I did fit in a few new shows. A few I still have on my list are Perfume which I’m excited to watch as I love the movie and hope it’s just as scary/thrilling.

Tidelands is also still lingering on the list which is about a town of half human/half sirens. Interesting. The new Ellen stand up show “Relatable” which I started but haven’t finished because there’s too much “bragging” about her new rich lifestyle which I know that’s her life now and it’s ironically in the title but I’m struggling. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is also back with an additional episode for Christmas “A Midwinters Tale”. Nice and Christmassy gesture from the Witches. At least we now know what witches do at Christmas. 

There’s four new shows and films on Netflix which are a great watch for various reasons. All very different and all recommendable. 


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I’ve got to hand it to Netflix, this was very impressive. A book made into a game, made into an interactive movie. Bravo. However, this isn’t something that plays well with my Anxiety. 10 seconds to make a decision? No thanks. I felt highly on edge throughout and not in an entertaining way. I do recommend to give it a watch/try as it is ground breaking work on Netflix part. I’ll give the next one a miss. I can’t “relax“.




Everyone is raving about this movie and has reportedly had over 47 millions streams in a week, making it the Netflix biggest success. I’ve watched pretty much every apocalyptic movie going and it’s fair to say I’m pretty much ready for the end of the world with all the airtime I’ve put in whichever way it goes. This movie is very intense but predictable. Yes, it’s thrilling but for me it’s nothing different to other movies out there.

Sandra Bullocks performance is as standard amazing and the river scenes with the kids are insane. I do like the blind fold element which adds more fear for the viewer but other than that, it’s like every other end of the world survival movie till about half way through when it really gets into it. Good movie though. I’m just really picky with these movies. 




A light hearted American beauty pageant comedy. Firstly, it’s nothing like the fantastic Miss Congeniality which will be the ultimate beauty pageant movie long after I’m dead.

No, this is about an average girl (not your standard skinny barbie type) who’s mother is famous in the circuit. She enter the pageant to prove a point to her mother but ends up enjoying herself and making some friends. Aw that’s nice isn’t it.

There’s a lot of Dolly Parton featured in this movie so if your not into your country music it might drive you a little nuts. Not forgetting some fabulous drag. It’s ok. A fun movie. 




I never thought I’d ever be routing for a stalker. This series has a very similar feel to Dexter, which I was also a massive fan of. He’s creepy, clever, bad but fit! Every episode is so cleverly put together and totally addictive. I’m also rethinking all my social media security after watching this show. Educational. 



January on Netflix

Next month, there’s not been much advertised to look forward to really but even though I have seen them a million times the Harry Potter franchise is coming to Netflix. I missed this on UK TV during the holidays so I’ll be getting my potter fix. 

I’m also quite intrigued by Titans which is a DC superhero series coming out next month and Riverdale Series 3 Part 2 is set to hit out screens. I’ve never seen Riverdale…yes I know! But I think it’s time…


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Have you watched anything on Netflix lately that you want to recommend? Let me know in the comments below. 


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