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There’s a lot of movies you see months in advance which you can’t wait to see but there’s also a few films which slip through and you never see at all till they’re at the cinema. Or the trailer isn’t very good so you don’t really give it a chance. I love a movie that surprises me. That doesn’t make the most anticipated movies of the year list but when you watch it, becomes one of your favourite movies of the year. 

Films which are so underrated and don’t have a massive marketing budget or huge A-list actor to draw in the crowds. Movies which entertaining and made for us, rather than in it for an award. Great movies. 


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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

This film was one of my biggest shockers of the year as I was ready to hate it. However, it was actually quite good. More of an homage to the original movie and to Robin Williams memory.

Board games a thing of the past (unless you’re in my house) the game becomes a video game which is one of the reasons I didn’t think it would work, but surprisingly worked. Jack Black was by far the best character in the movie playing a 16 year old girl. Brilliant. 


Maze Runner: The Death Cure

I loved the original movie but the 2nd film in the franchise flopped. However, this final installment to the trilogy was surprising great. Action packed, shockers, friendship and a great a ending. 


A Simple Favour

I watched this film at Odeon’s Screen Unseen, where we don’t find out what were watching till the title screen shows. You’re given clues and everyone in the screen thought we were going to be watching A Star is Born but it turned out to be A Simple Favour. What a film! 

This film is hilarious and the two fabulous female leads (Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick) who make the perfect comedy duo. A thrilling movie from start to finish will a great twist and comical element I didn’t see coming.


Molly’s Game

Quick, witty, smart. An Olympic class skier turns to running the biggest and most exclusive high stakes poker game in the US before being arrested by the FBI. It was set to be an award winning movie last year which usually means it’s going to be a good movie but slightly on the boring side but not this one. It’s really fun, interesting and funny. Jessica Chastain is becoming one of the favourite leading ladies after this role. 


Red Sparrow

This Dark, seductive, sexy thriller also features in my top 10 best films of 2018 list. It’s a brilliant female spy movie film with Jennifer Lawrence. I knew I would like this film due to my future gal pal JLaw but this story is actually very entertaining.

This movie has been slammed by “male critics” but what do you expect from a generation raised and idolized James Bond (who is also male). It’s a nice change to see a female spy, even if with the dark twist. 



Apart from being a pretty good thriller movie, an interesting fact about this film is it was filmed completely on an iPhone!? Yes! A phone. The director believes that soon most films will be filmed on an iPhone and wanted to show it was possible. Check it out. 


Love, Simon

I knew this film would be a great romcom but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. It’s such a lovely film and very different to your standard teenage romcom. From the perspective of a teenage boy who hasn’t told anyone that he is gay, trying to figure it out and find a mysterious guy he’s been chatting to online. Not just a drama about coming out story but mystery too trying to find out who “Blue” is. 


A Quiet Place

Definitely one of my favorite movies of the year. With hardly any dialog, this movie is seriously intense and isn’t overwhelmed with the Sci-Fi element to the story line. More about the family and the new world they live in. The details within this new world are well thought out and the story has a strong family and survival message. 


I Feel Pretty

Unless your an average size woman (not super skinny and know what fat rolls are) then this isn’t for you. I for one had and continuing to have self confidence issue with my body and low self esteem, found this movie exactly what I needed. It’s not only funny but has a powerful message with a lot of girls need to watch. 



Finally, a laptop/smartphone film done right. This drama/thriller movie is filmed mostly using a laptop or smartphone which has been done before but poorly. When his daughter goes missing, he goes into detective mode and uses her laptop to try to find her. Proving how easy it is to crack a password. It has a great opening sequence and the tension throughout using only a laptop camera is incredible. 


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Has there been a film you watched this year which was so much better than you original though it was going to be? Let me know in the comments below. 


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