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I typically like to stay away from films that look generally terrible like brussel sprouts on Christmas Day. However, sometimes you can’t avoid them. Some of these films were films I was looking forward to, which is the worst kind of disappointment. A waste of time, money and life.

Here’s some of the worst films I watched in 2018 and films to avoid when they go to DVD or streaming channels. Avoid at all costs. 



I had high hopes for this film. It had a great trailer, a great cast and an interesting story line but it’s just another example of don’t judge a “book” by it’s cover. It’s one of the weirdest films I’ve ever seen and took a ridiculous turn to the end. Honestly feel like they had a great story and just didn’t know how to end it. Shame. 


Lady Bird

Honestly, I do not care this film is award winning. I hear everyone say how relateable it is and how they feel like it’s a story about them. Sorry but that’s the reason I hated it. There’s nothing different in this story to what me and my friends went through as teenagers. Just another “look how hard it is growing up” story. Boring. Been there done that. Don’t want a reminder of it. 


Ghost Stories

Might get some stick for this one too. As a horror fan, I can understand the old school theatrical feel of this movie, but I found it slow and very predictable. I love a build but not when it’s taking a lifetime to get to the jumps, it was sending me to sleep. Great cast but should of been left on the stage and not put in the cinema. 



What a disappointment. Rampage was quite predictably going to be a little cheesy and the story line was already marked out from the game but I felt massively let down. They relied too much on the graphics and the story line really suffered half way through. By the time they reached the city, it all crumbled. 


Truth or Dare

What a terrible teenage horror flick. I was quite excited to see this film from the trailer and the spooky faces from the game were quite creepy but the story line was laughable. They lost me 20-30 minutes in and the ending was AWFUL


Pacific Rim: Uprising

The original Pacific Rim is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s just got the right amount of cheese for me. This sequel has completely ruined it. The story line is poor and to be completely honest…I fell asleep. I rarely fall asleep while watching new movies, but this was so boring it made me completely zonked out. 


The Cloverfield Paradox

With such a dramatic trailer reveal at the Superbowl, you would expect this Netflix film to be incredible. Nope, it was a massively expensive disappointment. Confusing story line, unlikeable characters, no real comparison to the original film. Disappointing. 


Oceans 8

Not a remake but a sequel. Following on from Ghostbusters theme with an all female cast, this film was set to be a success (unlike the Ghostbusters flop). Starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter, that’s a perfect casting but the heist wasn’t thrilling enough. Very slow, no pace, no interest, dull. Sorry but Danny did it better. 


The Meg

Well….it was just stupid wasn’t it. If you don’t know what this film was about then it’s pretty simple, giant shark kills lots of people. The size of the shark is impressive but the story line is ridiculous and the dialog is lazy. The whole film is a bit, well very silly. 



The Rock is back for his 2nd worst film of the year. Luckily, he has Jumanji to keep him a float for the year. However, this film could have sunk him. The jump from the crane to the burning building is scientifically and physically ridiculous, then the story just looks like a remake of Die Hard. At least The Rock tried to do an original film, we all know he loves a remake. 



Well, the whole Marvel fandom wasn’t happy with this movie, including me. As much as I love Tom Hardy, I don’t think this movie was for him. The movie only made as much as it did with his big name but the film itself was just awful. Action packed, super villain attached to the wrong body. Hopefully, there’s a spidey/venom sequel to save it. 




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What was the worst film you watched in 2018? Let me know in the comments below. 


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