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Oh 2018! It’s been a pleasure! I was quite nervous about this years films selection this time last year, knowing the most highly anticipated movies of 2018 didn’t have much to look forward to for the last few months of the year. It was a great start, an amazing summer, then a sudden stop of anything remotely interesting with a few exceptions.

However, there were some great films that came out this year and some have even made it into my ultimate favorites list. That’s a hard list to crack. We’ve got a decent mix of musicals, thrillers, action and dramas in this list, so there’s something for everyone. Can’t wait to see what next year will bring but let’s have a throw back to 2018 film favourites.


10. Mamma Mia: Here we go again

I have to be slightly bias here as I did attend the World premiere of this movie in London and once you’ve seen Cher and Meryl dancing to Fernando in real life it becomes a bit of a favourite “all time life moment”. However, the movie was also good too. It’s a great singalong, feel good movie. We needed a bit of positivity this summer and this filled the void. 


9. Mary Poppins Returns

I didn’t expect to like this film at all, never mind be in my 10 top of 2018. It was actually pretty amazing. Not a remake but a continuation of a beloved childhood story. Same theme, new songs and Emily Blunt was incredible. I loved it! Anything is possible…even the impossible. 


8. Red Sparrow

I’m a mega Jennifer Lawrence fan. I love her and want her to be my bestie, seriously. This film despite having Jlaw in the leading role was pretty incredible. I never thought I would love a story about a Whore School for spies. Weirdly thrilling. I love a bit of James Bond but this is another level of spy movie. Dark, deadly and seductive. 


7. Disney’s Christopher Robin

Cutest movie of the year!!! Disney are just masters of making a movie seen a thousand times and making it look like we’ve never seen it before. It was such an adorable version of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin’s tale. Pooh is also a secret philosopher! I’ve never seen a character get so deep before. Not such a silly old bear after all…


6. A Quiet Place

Emily Blunt makes it into the top 10 for a 2nd time with this movie she made with her real life husband John Krasinski, who also directed the film. This is an incredibly intense film which has hardly any dialog and most spoken in sign language. A great original movie, showing it’s not always about the dialog to make a great story.


5. Black Panther

This film has broken boundaries and made a massive movement in in the film industry. It’s also broken records for the 40th-highest-grossing movie of all time in North America, 12th-highest-grossing movie of all time (worldwide) and the Second-fastest-grossing movie of all time. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome!


4. Avengers Infinity War

The most frustrating movie ever. 10 years in the making, 19 Marvel movies later, we are left shattered. I’ve never had so many mixed emotions in a movie so much in my life. I cried, laughed, hid behind my hands in fear, and shouted at the end screen just like everyone else in the cinema. Talk about crowd involvement. We were all in it together, as we will be again for End Game.


3. A Star is born

We didn’t expect this one did we. It came out of nowhere to be one of the most loved films of the year. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper smashed this one out the park with incredible performances and direction. A terrific soundtrack which I have played numerous times and gone back to watch at the cinema 3 times. This has to be Oscar winning. 


2. Ready Player One

As an 80s/90s kid, I have more appreciation for this movie than others. I loved this movie and honestly, I think I’ve watched it about 20-30 times now. I love the music, the story, all the pop culture references. I’m just a massive nerd and this film could have bee made for me. 


1. The Greatest Showman

Yes, this film was released on Boxing Day 2017. However, this film didn’t really catch on till early 2018 and I (like everyone else) didn’t watch it till then. A slow burner which became a World Phenomenon. I’ve not seen a movie like this since Moulin Rouge. It’s an incredible movie which I can totally relate to and they are the best kinds. Inspirational!


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