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Christmas is coming…but not yet. On the warm up to the holiday season and with all the Halloween horrors nicely behind us, puts us in a genre limbo. This year it’s filled with action packed movies. Boxing, heists, magic, another reboot…oh and a Christmas film. Shock.



One for the kiddies and the big kiddies. The Grinch comes back in full animated glory but sadly no Jim Carrey behind the wheel of this popular character. With Christmas just around the corner, this film should warm our hearts 4 sizes bigger. 

Approximate release date 8th November



Fresh from BFI London Film Festival, Windows looks set to be one of the best films of the year. Oscar award winning Steve McQueen directs this crime thriller and brings this epic novel to life on the big screen. Great story, great cast, award winning director. How can this not be a winner?

Approximate release date 9th November



Watch out muggles! Another spell binding Harry Potter spin off is on the way. Not only do we get to see Eddie Redmayne  as Newt again but we also get to see Jude Law take on a young Dumbledore and Johnny Depp as villian Gellert Grindelwald. I can’t wait for more magic, more adventure and more HOGWARTS!

Approximate release date 16th November



That’s right, another Robin Hood reboot. Will this every end. Kevin Costner’s King of Thieves will always be my favourite but I’ll always have a special place for Men in Tights. The handsome Taron Egerton (who has one of the best jaw lines I’ve ever seen) takes on Nottingham’s most famous Archer with Jamie Foxx at his side as John. Maybe this is Taron’s show reel for his James Bond pitch?

Approximate release dates 21st November



Rocky is back….coaching. This time with Creed’s son and yet Balboa hasn’t aged a day. Another day, another boxing match. After Michael B. Jordan’s epic action scenes in Black Panther, I can imagine seeing him in a boxing ring to be something spectacular. 

Approximate release date 30th November 


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Which of these films are you excited to watch this month? Let me know in the comments below. 


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