You would think having anxiety would make me steer clear of horror movies, but that’s actually not the case. I have a lot of fears and phobias but weirdly love horror films. I never really experience anxiety watching these types of films and I actually feel like it helps me control it better. 

I will always be scared of spiders, snakes, needles and bloody clowns but watching them in a movie makes me feel like I’m in a safe space. They can’t get me through a TV screen or in a movie theater. If I saw them in real life though…I’ll be running in the other direction. 

Here’s lots of phobias which are anti dyslexia friendly and some films to maybe steer clear from if your too scared this Halloween. 



The fear of spiders

I hate spiders. It’s one of my biggest fears. No matter what people says to me, I don’t care how small they are or how they can’t hurt me, etc. They still scare me. Let’s face it, the biggest snake movie out there is also named after the fear itself, Arachnophobia (1990). This 90’s movie still terrifies me to this day. Mostly because of that shower scene. I would lose it!

Other Movies: Arachnid (2001), Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets (2002)



The fear of snakes

I’m going to sound like such a pansy now but I’m also scared of snakes. The biggest and scariest snake movie to this day it still Anaconda (1997). About a giant snake from deep in the Amazon Jungle. It also features Jennifer Lopez and Ice. At least there’s a little comic value to this film watching pop stars scream. 

Other Movies: Snakes on a Plane (2006), The Craft (1996)



The fear of heights

One phobia which doesn’t have a serious horror film to match the fear is Acrophobia. However, there are a bunch of action and drama films which showcase this fear in a thrilling way. The most exhilarating has to be the story of the man who walk on a wire between the World Trade Center buildings in Man on Wire (2008) and The Walk (2015).

Other Movies: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011), Die Hard (1988), Cliffhanger (1993)



The fear of small spaces

There’s quite a few people I know who would freak out if they were stuck in a lift. They would hate these types of films. My favourite doesn’t have a single lift involved and is British film about a bunch of friends who go exploring a cave system together called The Decent (2005). Stuck in a cave with no way out and something lurking in the dark. 

Other Movies: Buried (2010), As Above so Below (2014)



The fear of being alone

Passengers (2016) is one of my favourite Sci-fi films in years and it’s main focus is about loneliness. I’ve had my fair share of loneliness whilst living in London. It’s amazing how being stuck in a huge city you can feel this way. Now think about being stuck on a spaceship, alone, for the rest of your life while everyone else is sleeping and dying before everyone wakes up. London isn’t so bad. 

Other Movies: Cast Away (2000)



The fear of darkness

Are you scared of the dark? You’ll want to keep the lights on permanently after watching Lights Out (2016). It’s totally fine to watch, until the lights go out and then you’re in Anxiety central waiting for something to jump out at you. 

Other Movies: Don’t breathe (2016)



The fear of sleep

One you watch Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), you’ll find it near impossible to sleep too. Freddie Kruger is a horror figure which will haunt your nightmares, dreams and reality. 

Other Movies: Before I Wake (2016)



The fear of sharks 

Instead of the obvious classic, I wanted to showcase a recent shark film to showcase. It’s hard to follow Jaws in the shark film game but The Shallows (2016) is a thrilling and modern shark film with the fabulous Blake Lively. Stranded on rock in a private beach cove trying to escape a shark who’s already had a bite out of her leg.

Other Movies: Jaws (1975), Deep Blue Sea (1999)



The fear of dolls

For me the scariest doll out there is dummy from Buffy season 1 and the dummy from Goosebumps which both still haunt me to this day but there not movies. Annabelle is a close 2nd or 3rd depending how you look at it from The Conjuring (2013). I’m not a fan of the spin off but I’m not really a fan of creepy dolls anyway so…

Other Movies: Childs Play (1988), The Boy (2016), Annabelle (2014)



The fear of ghosts

One of the newest ghost films to scare the living daylights out of me is It Follows (2014). It’s a very modern horror film, as the curse is passed victim to victim like a sexual transmitted Infection. The ghosts slowly follow the victim and all the can do is run away till it catches up again or pass it along. 

Other Movies: The Woman in Black (2012), The Shining (1980), The Others (2001), The Sixth Sense (1999)



The fear of clowns

I bloody hate clowns!?! Especially scary ones. IT (2017) is horrendous. Why would I watch the older version after that. That it all. 

Other Movies: Stephen King’s It (1990), Poltergeist (1982)



The fear of zombies

Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later (2002) will still be stand out Zombie film for years to come. It’s not just a great zombie film (and British too) but it’s opening scene of an empty eerie London will still haunt me. 

Other Movies: World War Z (2013), I am legend (2002), Dawn of the Dead (2004)


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