We’re creeping closer to Halloween and into my beloved Oscar season. This month, we have one film which is a sure favourite to be nominated for an Oscar already, a highly anticipated Marvel Villan film and of course a Halloween slasher to keep in with the season. 

I’m really excited to watch most of these films and get a taster of the upcoming movie quality leading up to Oscar season. 



Tom Hardy, always the supporting actor and never the star finally gets the lead in his own film. We know Hardy can play a dark villain character after his role as Bane in the Batman Trilogy films but can he do it again. This time as Venom, who is famously known as one of the best Spiderman “Villians”. I’m not too sure about the American accent but I’m really excited to see 90 pure minutes of Tom Hardy, good or bad. 

Approximate release date 3rd October



There’s been a lot of hype about this film so far and for good reason. It’s already tipped for an Oscar nomination or two, maybe more and has been receiving rave reviews. Hang on, not done my review yet but you’ll have to wait for that. It looks very promising and right up my street. With lead stars, the fabulous Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper who also Directed the film you can’t really go wrong with this mix. 

Approximate release date 3rd October



Another Space film. However, this takes a historic dramatic perspective based around the events of the first moon landing and of course the late, great Neil Armstrong. It’s not going to be as good as Apollo 13. Let’s be honest, that’s a classic and the whole space mission thing has been done to death which is why they’ve moved onto Sci-Fi stories to keep it interesting. However, it might throw in some interesting facts about the landing itself which might throw the whole “did it actually happen” debate into the air again. 

Approximate release date 12th October



Oh Halloween. Jason is back….again. Let’s face it. It’s Halloween and this is the biggest and scariest looking movie coming up at the movies, so I had to add it to the list. It wouldn’t be Halloween without a good spooky, slasher movie to get your heart going. 

Approximate release date 19th October



Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Nope, it’s seriously real. A film all about one of the best bands ever. Queen. This film actually looks amazing and it’s great to have a little sing along too. Hopefully, it won’t be anything like Mamma Mia. I couldn’t’ imagine that working for this film. Keep it classy. 

Approximate release date 26th October


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Which of these films are you excited to watch this month? Let me know in the comments below. 


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