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Where do I start? I’ve had 3 amazing trips with TrekAmerica since I started travelling in 2016. I remember my first trip like it was yesterday. It was the Southern BLT from LA to New York. I remember planning this trip for 3 years and saving up for 18 months like crazy. It was everything I’d dream’t it would be and more. I guess it’s like they say, “You never forget your first time“. 

My second trip was on the Glaciers + Grizzlies Plus tour in Canada. I’ve never felt so blown away by a country before. Canada has the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen on my travels so far. Incredible mountain views, gorgeous lakes and endless wildlife opportunities. 

My most recent trip was on the Northern Trail from New York to San Francisco. The tours actually ends in LA but I’ve done LA numberous times before and lived there for 2 summers. I also need to get back to work. This was also my first time camping with TrekAmerica which was an experience on it’s own. I was really anxious about it but what a trip!

Somehow, I’ve managed to pick the Top 10 experiences from over 3 trips. All the tours were long and action packed so it was really difficult to narrow this down to only 10 favourite moments. In no particular order (as that would be too difficult as narrowing it down to 10 was bad enough), here’s my top 10 TrekAmerica Experiences:


Exploring the Geysers in Yellowstone

Some of my favourite photos from Trek trips have been from Yellowstone on the Northern Trail. The natural geological colour effects from the geysers blew me away. I’m a massive nerd when it comes to Volcanoes and Geology so I was in my element in Yellowstone. I also got to tick Old Faithful off my Bucket list. That geyser is more punctual than I am for work. 



Navajos singing in Monument Valley

I booked my first tour for my birthday. When we arrived in Monument Valley on the Southern BLT, my fellow Trekkers ratted me out to the Navajos who sang Happy birthday to me. They also performed it in their native language too. That’s a birthday I will never forget. 

Natasha Atlas at the Monument ValleySouthern BLT group with the NavajosSunset at Monument Valley


Sunset at the Grand Canyon

I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. It’s one of the those massive bucket list items you just have to do. I did go to see the Grand Canyon with a couple of friends after camp. It was through a company we found on the Las Vegas Strip and it was awful. It was a day excursion which took 6 hours to get there and we had to meet at 6am after a huge night out on the strip. That part was our fault. However, when we finally got there it was only got 45 minutes and then we were back on the bus. Dreadful. 

With TrekAmerica on the Southern BLT it was so much better. We got so much longer there. We even got a few takeaway pizzas to watch the sunset. Epic. The next day, we all go up to spend the whole day hiking the canyon. What an experience. 

grand canyonThat viewSouthern BLT group at the Grand Canyon


Spotting a Grizzly bear Family in Jasper

We knew the chances of us spotting Grizzly Bears on the Glaciers + Grizzlies tour was very slim. I went on this tour in May/June for higher chances of bear spotting but Grizzly bears are another ball game. You are more likely to see Black bears than Grizzlies in Canada so when we saw a whole family of Grizzlies in Jasper we couldn’t believe our luck. 

Grizzly Bear Family in Jasper


Line dancing in Nashville & BBQ

I’m not exactly the most coordinated person in the world or a world class dancer but I gave it a go. One of the main reasons I booked the Southern BLT was for the Southern states. The food, the music, the culture, the people and…the cowboys! YES!! Man did it deliver. I had the best BBQ food ever in Austin and Nashville. Absolutely delicious. However, it was the carb burn after the meal in Nashville where we took line dancing lessons which was the highlight for me. It was so much fun. What a fun night!

The Listening Room NashvilleLine DancingNatasha Atlas Line Dancing


Zip lining in Whistler

My anxiety was tested to the limits at the zip lining in Whistler on the Glaciers + Grizzlies tour. I was in pure panic mode. Afterwards, I was properly shaking but I did enjoy myself. It just took a lot of bottle for me to do it but I’m so glad I did because it was such a great part of my trip. Just another point for me against my anxiety. 



White Water Rafting in Jackson

I’m not your average bucket and spade kind of girl. I would rather be doing activities than getting a tan on the beach. I don’t tan well anyway. It also gives me the chance to test and push my anxieties. White Water Rafting in Jackson on the Northern Trail was a massive test for me. I loved it but I was really panicking at one point before and on the raft. I’m glad I had a great group to help me through it. Didn’t think I would be able to do it but I am glad I did.

Snake River-5


Hiking in Yosemite

One of my biggest accomplishments was hiking the Mist Trail of Yosemite on the Northern Trail. I seriously didn’t think I was going to make it at one point. I’m an average size girl (carrying camera equipment and a sarnie) who’s not physically fit anymore and pays for gym membership but doesn’t have great attendance. However, there’s no way I wasn’t going to give it a shot and I made it to the waterfall! I was so proud of myself that I managed to get to the top

Mist Trail YosmiteTunnel View YosemiteEl Capitan View Point


Partying in Vegas

VEGAS BABY! I love the Vegas! It was my 3rd trip to Las Vegas. I can’t get enough of the place and I dying to go back soon. While I was on the Southern BLT, we stayed in the Golden Nugget Hotel and all had a family style meal before hitting the strip. We had a party bus included which was such a great start to the night. Having a drink or three, dancing with the group or on the pole on the bus! We made 2 stops which were at the Las Vegas sign and the Bellagio fountains before hitting the clubs. Such a great night…from what I can remember. 

Natasha Atlas at the Vegas SignRed Solo CupLas Vegas Party BusSouthern BLT crew in Las Vegas


Sunset Cruise in San Francisco

My final night on the Northern Trail was something I will never forget. We went on a Sunset Cruise in San Francisco which went under the Golden Gate Bridge and had free drinks. I had such a blast with my group on that boat and I haven’t laughed that much in ages. I’m not a fan of open water but my group made me fee such at ease. I also got to steer the boat and do some rope work. The views were stunning. I would totally do this again. 

Natasha Atlas at the Golden Gate BridgeMy Northern Trail GroupSunset at the SF Docks


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Have you been on a TrekAmerica tour? What’s your favourite activity or moment you had on Trek? Let me know in the comments below. 


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