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As Love Island Series 4 ends after a long HOT summer, I can’t help but reflect on how this series matches up with the previous shows which made it such a success. It’s hardly been my favourite series which I will explain but it’s made me reminisce on all my favourite contestants, challenges and couples throughout the shows history.  

Some things have stayed the same, like the Caroline Flack aka the Flack Attack and her must-have wardrobe to dropping bombshells all over the villa. Whenever she’s around that is! For a daily show, she’s never really on it but when she is you know shits about to hit the fan or we get to happily watch her drop people in it. Yes, Flack!

The witty Scottish commentator Iain Stirling, has been bantering the contestants and saying what we’re all thinking from Day 1. A few weeks to shows format like a change in the villa and adding the dramatic Casa Amor. Hilarious, outrageous and crazy challenges but the heart and soul of this show is the contestants. Coupling up, dumping and seeing who’s going to win it all, for Love or Money. After 4 series of hard TV grafting, which series was the best so far?


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That’s right. The first is the worst. To give this series some justice, it did well enough to give us 3 more series of the show which gave us the basics of the show today. However, looking back at the series recently it was such a negative series. The boys we’re horrible to the girls, most of the contestants were so too faced and there were too many players. 

This show is supposed to be about finding love but everyone was on there to get famous for 5 minutes and boost their Instagram accounts. The boys weren’t even that fit and the girls were all glamour models, regular models or just there to become a model. Not great role models. 

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love island series 1

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However, there were some iconic highlights to this series which made us all hooked to the show. Firstly, there was loud scouser and Playboy bunny Hannah and John who now stars in the Only Way is Essex. Yes, he’s not great on that show and kind of a drip which is such a same because he was the only source of entertainment on the show. You can’t deny he gave the most enthusiastic text readings and should trademark “TEXT!” They even became our first couple, first official couple, first shaggers and first ENGAGEMENT! 


Jessica gave us the best “journey” in the show. All the boys fancied her but was she having any luck keeping them…not so much. Bouncing from boy to boy but managing to keep her place right to the very end and even winning the show. Proving girls can play the game too. 


Let’s not forget “Spider gate” with good church-going Zoe in the bathroom with her partner “The Hulk”. With all the suspicious noises coming from the bathroom and saying she wouldn’t have sex in the house. Oh dear. Days after thinking, “What will the church say?” I would be changing churches if I were you Zoe. Or wear a very big hat. 


The nation (everyone under 18) finally forgave Lauren for “breaking up” One Direction and became the Nations sweetheart. Not finding love, being a true friend, never faking her emotions and leaving the Villa with her head held high. Well done Lauren. 



The current series of Love Island is next. Why? It didn’t start off very well, let’s be honest. Nothing was happening and the contestants again have no crack. I missed the real personalities. Again, we have a lot of models but at least this time we had some more real life working human beings. Jack the pen salesman doing it for the working class. Yes, Jack! 

This season has been a real slow burner. I got to binge watch most of this season as I was in America and I was bored. Nothing really happened till Casa Amor and the biggest upset of the season was waiting till for the parents to come into the Villa and Danny Dyer didn’t even come in! 6 Weeks we were waiting for that intervention with Jack. All we got was a skype call. Not happy. 

Also, it was very childish towards the beginning. It made me feel very old. For example, Niall and his Harry Potter quotes. I’m a massive Harry Potter fan but this is not the time or the place for that. Also, Hayley’s immature behaviour was just mind blowing. I was expecting real men and women in this series. I feel like we got boys and girls to start the show which wasn’t a great move. 

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One of the best bits of the season was obviously the blossoming relationship of Jack and Dani. They’ve been hard favourites to win the show. Beside’s being a great couple, they’re giving us entertainment and individually they both have great personalities. Dani’s celebrity father a side, she’s a lovely girl who really stands by her friends. They’ve stuck by each other through everything, including Casa Amor and Jack’s ex coming into the villa. Nothing can stop these two. 


Casa Amor again was the biggest part of the series and really rocked the couples up again. I loved it. Poor Georgia! When Josh came into the Villa with the another girl, I really felt for her. She was Loyal babes! Till then anyway. It also gave us some new contestants to the show, new couples, new dramas and more entertainment. 


I got to say Laura has had an incredible journey on this show. She’s been in 2 committed relationships, dumped twice and now dating gorgeous Paul, in the space of 6 weeks. She’s been dumped twice and still hanging in there. I love that Laura is slightly older than the other girls. Yes, she’s way to keen, talks about marriage way too much and having babies too much and goes for the wrong guys but don’t we all. 


Let’s face it. Highlight of the show, like it or not was Georgia. She’s LOYAL! Or is she? She gave us something to talk about for weeks and livened up the show which it desperately needed. She was loud and put on a show. Should she of left the villa when given the chance to prove her “loyalty“, HELL YES but look at all the drama we would have missed. Will her and Sam stay together? For me, probably not but I really don’t think this will be the last we see of her. 



By Series 3, the producers had the format of the show down. They also changed up the villa and gave the contestants some new digs and threw in a new element “Casa Amor” which has been a huge hit since. There aren’t many low lights from this series. As every episode had something entertaining to watch, if it was a challenge or some drama going down in the villa. More dates, more fun, more coupling up and lots of twists. Now that’s good TV. 

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love island series 3

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In series 3 we had some of the best contestants, challenges and twists to date. The producers really took the show to a new level and made it a BAFTA award winning TV show! Well done ITV! It had the whole country hooked and made the headlines but what made it so special. Well, there were new words and phrases we all needed to get our heads around like, Pied, Melt, Sort, Fuckboy and 100% my type on paper

We got a new Nations Sweetheart in Camilla, who has been like no other contestant we’ve had before. She digs up mines for a living for a start and just a well rounded lovely human being, who also dated Prince Harry (allegedly). Watching her get her heartbroken repeatedly by Johnny (who doesn’t believe in equal rights, how to respect anyone  but knows how to pretend to be a rich somebody). Finally, finding her man. Not just any man but an Abercombie model. Damn! Not only are they still together but they didn’t do hundreds of PA’s after leaving the show, no they went straight to do some charity work. Wow! Talk about finding the one. 


Next up, is the bromance which was Chris and Kem. If a bromance could win the show, they would win hands down. They developed such a lovely bond on the show and they’re still friends today. Sick.


Chris was probably one of my main highlights of the show. Coming out with phrases like “I’m a polar bear” and crying over his fake baby. He really stole the show for me when he was truly loyal to Olivia in Casa Amor and just putting up with her childish ways. I did like Olivia don’t get me wrong but wow she’s hard work. 


The introduction to Casa Amor has been my personal highlight to this show. It really mixes everything up. You think everyone is secure in their couples and then they just a bunch of fitties into the mix to mess things up. If you threw me into a pool of chocolate bars when I’m on a diet, I’d find that difficult to resist too. However, in series 3 if you chose to stick and they came back with some else then your gone. That was better than the overcrowding we had this year. 



Series 2 takes the crown for me! What a series. It had the most memorable and amazing contestants. Some of my favourite moments are from this series and I feel like they were the most genuine out of the lot. 

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love island series 2

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Zara aka former Miss Great Britain made international news on this series by having sex on TV. However, this sprung into a world wide debate on why and should she have lost her crown for this act. Personally, I’m still in two ways about it but Zara had an incredible journey on the show and I’m still gutted she had to leave to early. I really wanted her to find love on the show but definitely made her mark on the show and in the world. 


Scott and Cady. What can I say about these two? Wasn’t a steady road. I’ve never seen a couple argue so much out of ANY couple on ANY series of Love Island. However, by the end of it they made it official in the cutest way possible and got to the final. 


Olivia is the ultimate peacockin’ lass in the villa. This girl did her grafting and then some. She had to beat them away with a stick and had to chose when she didn’t really want to couple up with anyone. Choosing friendships over someone she didn’t have feelings for. Finally finding her man Alex and FUTURE HUSBAND. Perfect happy ending. 


Marlin coming back onto the show to have it out with her ex Terry was brutal but brilliant TV! He didn’t see it coming, the whole nation wanted it to happen and she finally got her closure and revenge in one fatal swoop. That’s what you get for cheating on national TV!


Nathan and Cara are the top couple to come out of any series of Love Island. Fact. Not only did they win Love Island but they coupled up on day 1 which shows Love in First sight can be real. They also have a beautiful baby boy and even after taken a break they are not engaged! Best proposal ever by Nathan, proposing in the original Love Island villa where they first met. Romance isn’t dead. Congratulations Nathan and Cara!


Sophie was one of my favourite ever contestants. Ever. I was absolutely devastated to hear that Sophie had passed away. She was a beautiful human being who will always be remembered for that emotional, uplifting speech in Love Island for sticking up for Zara and showing that Love is Love. A former Miss Great Britain, a great role model and has changed Love Island for the better. Stay Shapey Sophie


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Which is your favourite series of Love Island and Why? Let me know in the comments below. 


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  1. Maia
    27/04/2019 / 2:42 pm

    Series 1, loved all the drama. Made me laugh and cry

  2. Vivi
    29/05/2019 / 6:32 pm

    I like 3 the best (probably prefer it over 2 because I watched 3 first) but totally agree with your ranking ..

    Series 4 really wasn’t that great imho but looking forward to 5 now as the contestants seem to be cooler than those from last year ..

    BTW, really really loved Survival of the Fittest! I think they had great characters and the best of love / frienship

  3. Kerry swainston
    07/08/2019 / 4:54 pm

    Series 3 had the best bunch of contestants. It had a great mix of serious and fun and just all round lovable characters. I never saw the first series, so at the moment the most recent has been the worst for me personally. So boring. No big personalities and all too serious & fake.

  4. Mary J
    10/08/2019 / 9:24 am

    I agree re Sophie. Something about her captured me; very funny, upbeat, yet layered, vulnerable. Series 2 was by far the best. Scottt and Kady, fantastic! Olivia and Alex – is there anybody nice than Olivia? Yes, our Sophie! Gutted to hear what happened. She was a beautiful girl, inside and out.

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