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We’re in June already…how did that happen? It’s half way through 2018 and so far we’ve had a really mixed bag of films. Some great, some very bad and some we’re just disappointing. Let’s not dwell on the negatives. I want to recap the best films of 2018 so far and it was very difficult to narrow this list down to just 10 great films. 

In my post “12 Highly Anticipated Films of 2018” which I wrote back in December, I showed that most of the films I were looking forward to were at the beginning of the year. This doesn’t really leave hope for anything after June is over so I think most of the best films of 2018 will probably be in this list. 



I love a great thriller and for me this movie tickets all the boxes. It’s so intense and different to any other film I’ve seen in years. It’s pretty much completely silent. It’s not a silent movie. The film is based on creatures that have wiped out most of the world and are attracted to sound. If you stay quiet, you stay alive. Emily Blunt and her in real life hubby John Krasinski are fantastic too!



This is such a sweet film. A coming out story with a twist. It’s a very cute film about a guy who is gay but hasn’t told his friends or family and finds support in an anonymous gay guy at school via email but Simon is forced out the closet too early and against his wishes. The best part is in the mystery of the other guy but the film is really good at showing support and is a great modern day high school love story.



The newest film at the box office and on this list. I’m a Dinosaur nerd if you didn’t all ready know or haven’t seen me hyped up about the lead up to this film all over my Instagram. It really brings the magic of the first film and is a great tribute to the original film. It’s got great effects, amazing action scenes and I love the connection between the two lead characters. Chris Pratt is just hilarious and fit!!



I’m a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan. We would be best buds if we met…I hope. Red Sparrow is different to anything else we’ve seen from her before. She’s a Russian spy and completely bares all in this seductive, sultry, thriller. It’s gripping, exciting and raunchy AF. 



This retro, sci fi, gamers tribute film has captured the hearts of millions. I love all the 80s references and trying to spot all the different pop culture characters, songs and games. It’s total geeks ville and I love it!



Black Panther has made record breaking sales and brought an important message towards the film industry. It’s a fantastic film with outstanding cast and incredible story line. The film is filled with authentic Africa culture, colours and music. The action scenes are another level. Wakanda Forever. 



This film is weird. Weird but fascinating. I wasn’t prepared for the randomness of this story line. There’s no doubt about it that it’s a beautifully shot movie and the acting is top quality but I will never get over some of the bathroom scenes. I wasn’t prepared. 



This is the first Netflix Original movie I’ve added to a yearly film round up blog which just speaks volumes to how much Netflix is changing the film industry. More and more A-list actors are getting involved with Netflix and making great new movies instantly watchable from our own homes. Annihilation is just a stunning piece of work. Mixed genres between action, sci-fi and thriller, it brings everything to the table. A great story, actors and effects. It’s a masterpiece. 



The newest Star Wars film didn’t hit the targets expected but it was still better than I thought it was going to be. Alden Ehrenreich stars as Han Solo is a great cocky young version of Harrison Ford. The film is exciting from beginning to end and really captures Han Solo’s backstory. 



One of the biggest films of the year and of all time. I’ve never been in a cinema where everyone was so on edge and chorused screams, laughs and shock simultaneously as much as this movie. 10 years in the making we finally see all the Marvel characters (well most) come to battle it out for the good of the Universe. It’s an incredibly exciting, thrilling and emotional film which was just as good as I hoped it was going to be. Believe the hype. Only a year to wait to see what happens next!


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Which is your favourite film from 2018 so far? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. 28/06/2018 / 12:18 pm

    I haven’t been to the cinema in ages so think I am due a trip! I might watch some of these when they come onto Sky Box Office as they look good.

    • Natasha Atlas
      02/07/2018 / 10:35 pm

      Some of my favourites come out on DVD in the next week or so. Your just in time!

  2. Tim
    30/06/2018 / 12:15 am

    Sicario loved 1st film now Sicario 2 Soldado is even better

  3. 30/06/2018 / 9:23 am

    We have pretty much the same taste as I loved most of these films!

    I’m a huge Star Wars fan though and I found Solo super disappointing.

    • Natasha Atlas
      02/07/2018 / 10:37 pm

      I thought it was better than I expected it to be…I do love Star Wars. I’m not really a fan of the spin offs if I’m honest. Just a money maker.

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