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I’ve had 3 amazing Summers at camps in America and I’m also about to do my 3rd TrekAmerica tour next month. TrekAmerica is definitely the most organised, easiest and best way to fit in all the amazing places your want to see once camp is over. 

With only 30 days after camp to get fit in everything you want to see, TrekAmerica has some amazing tours which are suitable for you and your J1 visa. I’ve found all the best treks which take into account the main camp locations, visa duration and all the amazing locations in around the US which you need to see before you get on that plane home. 

Don’t forget! Camp participants get 10% off TrekAmerica tours with your camp membership number. (Not stackable) 



The main majority of summer camps are on the East coast of America, with New York as the main pick up and drop off point for camp counselors. There’s tour give you easy access to your tour and start your next adventure. 

new york


Want to purely check out East coast? The Atlantic Dream has it all covered. A 2 week adventure down the East coast of America and ends in Miami. This trip includes Washington DC, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans and a cheeky stop in Orlando to visit DisneyWorld or Universal Studios. There’s also a budget lodging version if your not a fan of camping on the Atlantic BLT


The Southern Sun is an incredible cross country tour from New York to LA. I did the budget lodging version of this tour called the Southern BLT 2 years ago so I highly recommend it. Highlights will include, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Las Vegas, Nashville, New Orleans and Texas


Get the Best of the East coast on the….Best of the East tour. No Budget lodging version for this one. Sorry. However, this tour also return back in full circle to New York so you can get your return flight from NYC with no hassle of looking for additional flights. Highlights on this tour include, Niagara Falls, Chicago and Nashville


If you don’t have that much time to spend, then this 7 day Freedom Trail tour is for you. This tour goes back in full circle back to to New York. It also has a Budget Lodging version call the Northeastern BLT. Highlights include, Washington DC, Niagara Falls and Boston



If your lucky to nab a west coast camp then you’ve hit the jackpot. If your camp is somewhere else in the states, you can still explore the beautiful national parks and huge cities on one of these tours.



The Western Wonder is a 1 week trip which starts or end in San Fran or LA. You can also explore 2 incredible national parks on this tour which include the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. This tour also has a budget lodging version called the Western BLT


If you have a little longer to explore then try the 2 week adventure called the Westerner 2. 14 days of big cities, national parks and driving the California Coast line. Awesome! Highlights include, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, LA, Las Vegas, San DiegoSan Fran and the Big Sur. There is also a budget lodging version available called the Westerner 2 BLT.



I went to Canada last year with TrekAmerica and I still can’t believe how beautiful Canada is. It’s so clean, natural and has the most epic landscape I’ve ever seen. Please note, you will need to check your VISA restrictions with your camp agency to see if you need a stamp add onto to your VISA to access Canada after camp.

lake peyto


The Mountie is the number 1 tour to do for Canada if you a camp counselor. It’s got the best itinerary, it’s the cheapest Canada tour and it’s action packed full of activities. You’ll see the best of the Canadian Rockies with all the best towns, lakes and wildlife. Highlights include Lake Louise, Whistler, Banff and seeing lots of Bears. 



Feeling adventurous? How about getting a flight to one of the most beautiful parts of the Americas? For Central and South America, you will have to check with your Camp Agency visa restrictions. 



Hello  Mexico-co! Tortillas, tequila, cocktails, salsa, ruins and a tropical paradise awaits. Mexican BLT is very different from the USA mainland. Well, it’s a totally different country. Filled with new experiences, cultures, traditions and ancient ruins to explore. Very different to the other treks above. Highlights include, Chichen Itza, Talum and Playa del Carmen


ALOHA! Hawaii is a tropical paradise. Jump on a plane to this island off the mainland for an unforgettable and once in a lifetime adventure on the Hawaii Big Island tour. Sun, sea and surf. There are 3 active volcanoes on and off the Hawaii Islands. One Volcano is currently erupting. One of the highlights is the Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park where you can go on a hike explore the smokey grounds and explore old lava tubes. You can also go snorkeling for sea turtles and it’s just a quick plane ride to the famous Pearl Harbor on the neighboring island after the trip ends. 

Hawaii Big Island


I would love to go to Alaska. It’s high on my bucket list after my trip to Canada. If you love hiking, epic landscapes, wildlife and just marveling in natures beauty then the Alaskan Denali is for you. 

Alaskan Denali


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Disclaimer: Trek Maps are from the TrekAmerica website.


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