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OK. Marvel are bound to take over this month with the release of Infinity War but there are other great films out this month too which gives us reason to get to the cinema every week. It’s going to be an action packed cinema month. If you don’t have a limitless card now, you might want to invest in one. 



At first I thought something was up with sound on my computer but this trailer is actually dead silent. Honestly, I really should have got the hint from the title. This spooky intense horror is set in the middle of nowhere with a family who are hiding from creatures that surround their house. If they hear you, they hunt you

Approximate release date 5th April



I’m so excited to watch this film. This comedy, drama romance has a great cast which includes, Nick Robinson who stars as Simon which you might remember from Jurassic World. A list stars Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel. Lastly, breakout super star Katherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why. This film itself looks super cute and hilarious. 

Approximate release date 6th April



I went to see this movie with Odeon Scream Unseen and I was a little disappointed but I think that’s just down to personal taste. I know a lot of people who really enjoyed it but it just wasn’t for me. The film has a stand out cast including Martin Freeman and rising star Alex Lawther.  This British Horror film is complete marmite. Bite at your own will. 

Approximate release date 6th April



This must be the closest movie Dwayne Johnson has made to being slightly original. Even though it’s based of an old video game. At least it’s not another Rock remake. However, despite all my criticisms…it actually looks really good. I’m actually really excited about it. I’ve just got everything crossed that it’s as good as the trailer. 

Approximate release date 13th April



Don’t just think this is just another teen horror flick. This film was made by Blumhouse Productions who are behind some of the scariest movies in the past 10 years. Such as Paranomal Activity, Sinister, Insidious, The Purge and the multi Award winning Get Out. They know how to make you jump out your skin. 

Approximate release date 13th April



Book your tickets now. This film is going to be massive. Probably one of the biggest earners of the year. Captain America is back with long locks. The Black Panther who is currently holding the trophy for highest selling Marvel movie ever. Spiderman gets his new suit and the Guardians of the Galaxy make an appearance. Awesome.

Approximate release date 26th April


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Which film are you most excited to see this month? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. 06/04/2018 / 4:35 pm

    I’ll definitely watch Love, Simon and I’ll probably watch Dwayne Johnson movie cause I like him. Horrors are really not my thing haha
    thanks for recommendations 🙂

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

  2. 06/04/2018 / 8:52 pm

    I’m mostly looking forward to Avengers: Infinity War! I might be seeing A Quiet Place tomorrow since my fiancé has some free movie tickets. I’m excited to see it but kinda spooked out xD

    cabin twenty-four

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