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I recently took a trip to the beautiful Morocco which has been lingering on my Bucket list for quite some time. I chose to embark on the Adventure Morocco tour with Travel Talk Tours who I have never traveled with before and now I would highly recommend their trips.

The trip was action packed throughout and I was left exhausted by all the fun and memories I had collected. What a trip! Here’s some of the reasons why you should book yourself a trip to Morocco…NOW.



You’ll get your money’s worth in meals where ever you eat. They even challenge America in the food game. However, in Morocco the food is healthier. Tajine is the main cuisine and you’ll properly have it more than once on the trip. Chicken, Beef, Lamb and even Goat. Don’t worry there is a Vegetarian option too.

There are lots of restaurants to pick from but the tour leader will let you know where is highly recommended for food and your money. We even got to sample local hospitality and was invited to several homes to eat. However, only the women can thank the chef personally.



The hotel accommodation in each location is stunning. The window frames, doorways, the handmade patterned rugs and the beautiful Moroccan furniture. The rooms are very basic but the views from your rooms (dependant on your room) can be breath taking. Each hotel also had amazing swimming pools.

If you’re a light sleeper, I highly recommend ear plugs as in each Moroccan city brings a variety of authentic Moroccan sounds to contribute to the atmosphere and location. I’ve heard the music of partying Moroccans, the call the prayer and a range of animals. Donkeys, goats and even a rooster.




As a self-confessed film nerd, I do book the majority of my trips to visit film locations. To visit where some of my favourite movies were filmed. Stand where some of my favourite actors stood and to marvel the real beauty of each locations where you only get a few snippets on camera.

On this trip we saw movie locations such as Sex and the City 2, Babel, the Mummy (1 & 2), Sahara and Gladiator. We even saw where some of the jewellery was made for props for the film Troy.


Where “Babel” was filmed


The locals hosted actors in their homes during filming and left movie props


Where the nipple scene was shot for “Game of Thrones”



Everywhere you look, the scenery is picturesque. Completely Instagram worthy. All those times you’ve been wanderlusting over other people’s Instagram photos and now you will be on the other end. From the Sahara to the souks, there is a variety of locations to lust over with your camera.

However, please be respectful of the locals. Most Moroccan woman do not like having photos taken of them and the markets do not like photos taken of their stores. Some people might even ask you for a tip to take a photo of them. Go nuts but be respectful of their culture. Check out the rest of my photos on my instagram. *Plug*

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Scarf’s will be your ultimate fashion accessory for the cities and desert. There are so many scarfs to choose from too. Most of our group got a scarf before heading into the Sahara, which proved very handy to keep safe from the blazing sun. They are also a beautiful accessory to have throughout the trip.

They are super cheap and there are many different colours to choose from so take your pick. It’s also a great souvenir to take home.




You haven’t partied till you’ve partied in the desert. Grab some drinks, head into the desert, get a fire going and the locals are drumming out some tunes just for you. Two nights back to back of drinks, fire, food, sand and stars. 

Your clothes will get really smokey so try to wear the same clothes, spare your wardrobe and try not to wear jeans. The smoke lingers on jeans. Don’t forget your camera and remember you’ve got camels to ride after night one. Nothing worse than being hungover on a camel.

camp stars



You already have something in common with the people in your group already. They all want to see Morocco just as much as you and they are all travellers. My group was very mixed but everyone had the same mind set. We got on so well!

There were 26 people, of which 7 of them were couples, 2 of them were friends and the rest were solo travellers. They were from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, America and I was the only Brit. Quite a lot of us live in London so we’re already planning a reunion.




Bucket list: Riding Camels – CHECK! One of the ultimate bucket list items is well and truly ticketed off my list and I have the camel hump marks between my legs to prove it. We did a 3 hour camel ride through the Sahara and we got a camel each. No sharing. I named my camel Wayne (after Rooney – ugly, keen, fast and makes weird noises).

Morocco is famous for other animals. You’ll find lots of cats and dogs roaming the streets to Donkeys and goats being sold in the markets. You’ll find it hard not to pet them or take them home.



Check out the Adventure Morocco tour now


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Is Morocco on your bucket list or have you been to Morocco before? Let me know in the comments below.


Disclaimer: I was a paying customer for this tour. All opinions of the tour are my own. 


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