Netflix has been lacking decent bingeable series lately and more focused on films. Personally, I prefer a great TV series on Netflix to watching a movie but there have been a few stand contenders which I are really great to watch. Check these out and fingers crossed Netflix brings some more new TV series to our screens to waste the hours away soon. 



Warning! This is a proper sob fest. If you need a good cry, then this is an emotional overload. My poor tear ducts. It’s not your average cancer story. Yes, it’s got all the elements for one but it’s really lighthearted with lots of comedy value to a very sensitive subject. I loved it, even though I felt slightly depressed afterwards. 



This show is FABULOUS! It’s not your standard make over show. It’s a group of gay guys with different skills to make the ultimate make over. Not just your hair and wardrobe but your house, body and soul too. It’s truly inspirational and each show has someone different who needs help. It’s really amazing. 



Adam DeVine, has broken away from Pitch Perfect’s funny man Bumper to basically play the same character. Apart from the fact he doesn’t sing in this movie, all his mannerisms are the same. Putting that aside, it’s also a modern retake on Groundhog Day with a difference. Instead of replaying the same day over again, he actually changes the future but then goes back to the same day again. 

So, why am I recommending it? The ending. A very strong dating message and something I truly believe. Everything happens for a reason


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Have you watched anything on Netflix that you want to recommend? Let me know in the comments below.



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