It’s my first ever favourites. I’ve always wanted to start one but couldn’t decide if I should do this on my YouTube channel or in the blog. As you can see, it’s in the blog. Why? I want to keep my YouTube for adventures and my blog for information.

My favourites are also going to be a lot different to other blogs you read. For example, I won’t be suggesting clothes or beauty products because I don’t blog about them anyway. I blog about things I love, like films, TV shows and Travel. Little heads up for anyone expecting the latest beauty tips, you won’t be getting them from me. Sorry. 

Anyway, let’s start with my first ever Monthly Favourites:



I was nominated in the UK Blog Awards in the Arts&Culture category

I went to the Lumiere Light Festival in London

I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour

I won tickets in the Friday Forty for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I confirmed my next 3 trips which are to Morocco, Rotterdam and my 3rd Trip with TrekAmerica on the Northern Trail



I’ve been obsessed over The Greatest Showman. It’s probably my favourite film in years, never mind just for January. It’s very rare I want to watch a film at the cinema more than once. I’ve seen this twice so far and I’m planning on my third trip to the cinema soon. It’s just so inspiring and the song are so damn catchy. 



I’ve got a few photos up already but literally hundreds of photos still to go up on my Instagram from my Harry Potter experiences last month. However, there is one photo I am quite proud of which was from the Lumiere Lights Festival. What do you think?

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Last night after Harry Potter Studios, we took a detour to see some of the #lumiereLDN lights! Tonight's the last night to see them so I'm going back out soon….not happy about all this snow though!!! 🌈 🌨 ———————————– BLOG: TWITTER: @natashaatlas_ YOUTUBE: Natasha Atlas FACEBOOK: NatashaAtlasBlog ———————————– #lumiere #lumierelondon #London #westminsterabbey #explore #travel #instatravel #lovetravel #travelgram #adventure #solotravel #toplondonphoto #thelondonlifeinc #mysecretlondon #visitlondon #timeoutlondon #bbctravel #passionpassport #letsgoeverywhere #starttheadventure #tblogger #ukblogger #girlsvsglobe #meettheworld #localsknow #mydarlinglondon #wearetravelgirls #huffpostgram #sheisnotlost

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All last Summer’s Blockbusters are slowly making their way to DVD. The most recent one I was excited to add to my DVD collection was Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle. The first movie was and still is one of my favourite action movies to date. I also got to attend the Movie Premiere so there’s lots of amazing memories with this film too. 



Graham Norton is becoming unmissable TV. Especially for because he is constantly having movie stars on his famous red couch from up coming films. This also usually means sneaky behind the scenes stories which I absolutely love to hear.  



I have been obsessed over The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Seriously, obsessed. I’ve not been addicted to a soundtrack since Moulin Rouge was released over 10 years ago. WOW. I feel old!

Greatest Showman Soundtrack



I watched a lot of Netflix shows over the last month. There’s been a few TV Shows, films and documentaries which I recommended but there’s one that stands out from all the rest. Black Mirror came out in late December but I’ve been re-watching the episodes and I just can’t get enough of them. It’s so creative and the story’s blow my mind. 




I’m trying to get back on the health train and one of the best products I’ve bought recently is Protein World’s Protein Pancakes mix. I love pancakes and these are delicious. Great for breakfast with scrambled eggs. 




My favourite blog post this month was announcing my next Trek America Trip. I’ve been on 2 trips with TrekAmerica so far and I can’t wait for my next big adventure. Check out the link below to see where I’m going.

My next solo adventure with TrekAmerica is…

IMG_4161 (1)


What did you do and like in January 2018? Let me know in the comments below.


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