We’re at the final stretch of Award season but there’s still a few award winning films to left for us to see before the Oscars are presented in March. Besides the critics choices, we’ve also got a Marvel film and something for Valentines Day. I wonder what that could possibly be? 



There’s already a lot of buzz about this film and it’s not even nominated for any Oscars. It’s the new film from Director Clint Eastwood about an inspiring true story of 3 American friends who saved the lives of over 300 passengers from a terrorist on a train. I love a good story and it’s obviously going to be shot well with Eastwood behind the camera. 

Approximate release date 9th February



It’s the Valentines Day film takeover. Grab your partner and get down to the cinema for the 3rd installment of the world’s favourite raunchiest films turned limp on the big screen. These films haven’t been getting the best reviews but still it makes a great date movie. 

Approximate release date 9th February



It wouldn’t be the same without a Marvel film in the list. I do feel slightly overwhelmed with the amount of Marvel films coming out. It is becoming more quantity over quality which I really disapprove of. Give the fans what they want, not what the production companies want which is obviously more money. I seriously hope this isn’t another unnecessary story line like AntMan. That was so bad. 

Approximate release date 13th February



It’s finally here. The film the critics have been raving about. The film that’s been winning every film going. The film who’s trailer has been dominating adverts on TV, YouTube, On Demand and every social media platform. It’s working though because I can’t wait to see it. 

Approximate release date 16th February



Another, Critics choice film which has so far won awards for Best Film and Best Actress. It’s a comedy / drama about the relationship between a mother and her daughter going through her senior year in high school. I think all girls and their mothers will relate to this in some way or another. I personally see a lot of similarities with mine. 

Approximate release date 16th February



The fabulous bad ass that is Margot Robbie brings us a sports, drama about the talented Olympic winning figure skating Tonya Harding. This film looks inspiring, motivational, hilarious and seriously entertaining. 

Approximate release date 23rd February



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Which film are you excited to see this month? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. 01/03/2018 / 2:02 pm

    I’ll probably watch Black Panther. Shape of Water gives me the creeps. I saw trailer and some clips and reviews of the movie so I know it has a nice hartwarming story, but this creature is not something I’d like to watch on a big screen haha
    50 shades… oh God. I just wrote a review on the first 2 parts (link to review here) and I watched both movies together in under 40 minutes cause I was so bored I skipped most parts. I’ll watch the last part cause I’m interested in will it be better for me or not.

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

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