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It’s a New Year, which also means New Netflix Originals. This month has been kind of hectic for me so I have been struggling to watch all the new movies, TV shows, documentaries and stand ups, that Netflix has to offer. Which means a fun filled February for me. However, here are some of the Netflix Originals I did watch, enjoy and recommend. 



It’s the 1st of many Netflix phenomenons of 2018. End of the F***ing World is great for several reasons. One, it involves very socially awkward people which I love. Two, they swear…a lot. I’m a potty mouth, I don’t give a s*** anymore. Three, it’s easy to watch as all the episode are only about 20 mins long. Four, most importantly the story line is f***ing awesome. 

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Step Sisters is just an excuse to mention “Stomp the Yard” really because this film is a female mimic of the film. This film is more about race on campus than the main character and is socially awkward. It’s not as good as Stomp the Yard in any means. However, if you like Pitch Perfect, Step Up or Bring It on, then you’re probably going to enjoy this film even if it’s just a little. The choreography is pretty good though to be fair.

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If you don’t know this already, I used to have a Cake business. Yeah, me. I love baking shows. I was inspired by Cake Boss where I actually learnt most of my skills as well as YouTube. Zumbo’s isn’t just an Australian version of Cake Boss: Next Great Baker, it’s magical. It’s more creative, has a lot of science behind it and the cakes are insane. 

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I wake up, I watch Friends. I come home from work, I watch Friends. Friends episode while I’m cooking, while I’m eating, when I’m washing up. Before bed and repeat. Oh. My. God. I am so happy Friends is finally on Netflix. 

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What have you been watching on Netflix recently? Let me know in the comments below! 



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