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We’re right in the middle of Awards season. The Golden Globes have been and gone, providing us with the first awards the critics find worthy to be the films of the year. However, there is a massive difference to what the public will enjoy to watch the critics enjoy. 

I don’t always agree with critics, even though I guess I am one myself. The biggest sellers at the box office don’t always land in the final picks for Movie of the year. Why? Why don’t the films we enjoy as the public make it into this list?

I, as well as millions of others loved the Greatest Showman and went back to the cinema time and time again. However, this film didn’t make it into the best film category for the Oscars despite making over $100,000,000 at the box office and being the 3rd highest grossing film in the last month.

These Award winning films aren’t based on popularity. They are based on how much hard work was put into making an amazing film or performance. For example, Employee of the month awards aren’t based on who’s the most popular member of staff. It’s more about the believable performances by the actors and the creativity behind the camera.

Unfortunately for the UK, we tend to get films weeks or months later to the USA. This annoys me greatly as it’s hard to judge who deserves to win these awards when we haven’t had the chance to watch them yet ourselves. Obviously, this gives audience more of a push to see these films since “they’ve won an award”

I’ve done some hardcore cinema visits the last 2 weeks and I’ve managed to watch some of the leading favourites. Well, the ones we have so far. The Shape of Water which has been topping the wins and nominations leader board has yet to be released in the UK till next month. 

Obviously, all these films are great or they wouldn’t be nominated or won awards already. However, these films are not always for everyone. Here’s some of the films we currently have released in the UK which are up for awards and which films you might enjoy.



This is the Winston Churchill film you’ve all heard so much about. Not only has it been nominted for “Best Film” but Gary Oldman is scooping up the awards for “Best Actor“. It’s based on the historic events about how Winston Churchill came to power as Prime Minister during World War II. 

Gary Oldman’s performance is uncanny and is truly possessed by Churchill. The story is historic so it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. We all know the story of World War II but there’s lots of behind the scenes based in Parliament and in the War Room which is really interesting to watch. Obviously, not word for word accurate but still interesting. 

If you like films about historic events, this film is for you. Honestly, I would recommend watching this film purely for Gary Oldman’s performance which is truly inspirational and outstanding. 



I watched this film during the summer of 2017 and I knew it stood a great chance of being film of the year. I was right. It’s up for “Best Film“, but also “Best Director” which is also well deserved. It’s also nominated in other categories such as “Editing“, “Sound“, “Score” and “Cinematography”. It’s a masterpiece.

It’s a classic War film. Beautifully shot and has hardly any script. It’s all about what you can hear. The planes, shooting and screaming which makes it intense to watch. Even, Harry Styles was amazing in it and we all didn’t expect that. 

It’s a Was film like you’ve never seen. I would say it’s one of the Best War films I’ve ever seen. It’s better than Saving Private Ryan. Starting a debate…



No one saw this coming. I was expecting a thriller, horror film when I booked my ticket. Based off the trailer, that’s what your expecting. It’s not. It’s actually got a lot of great laughs in it. My cinema screen was filled with people who couldn’t stop howling at this film. It’s got some intense scary moments too. 

This films has been nominated for “Best Film“, “Best Actor“, “Best Director“, best everything. The critics are loving this film but so are the audiences

This film is great. We watched it at our annual Halloween screening at work and 99% of people loved it. There’s always one…



I really enjoyed this film. It’s quick, smart, exciting and Jessica Chastain is a bad ass. She’s the definition of girl boss but slightly on the illegal side. Molly’s Game is up for “Best Actress” and “Best Adapted Screenplay“. 

Molly’s game is based on the true story of how Molly Bloom an ex Olympic Skier ended up running the World’s most exclusive high stakes poker game. This is a high paced crime drama which is exciting from start to finish. 

It’s a great film and you don’t even really need to understand poke in order to know what’s going on. It’s actually quite a humorous film too which lots of smart and witty comic humour. 



Both Tom Hanks and multi award winning Meryl Streep are nominated for their performances in this griping newspaper thriller. The film is also up for “Best Film” and “Best Director” which was a given with Spielberg behind the wheel.  

It’s a great american political drama about the Washington Post catching up the New York Times after they expose a government cover up from over three decades.

Honestly, I preferred “Spotlight” to this film which won an Oscar for “Best Film” in 2016 but this is still a gripping film worth watching. 



It’s the film everyone has been talking about! So far, it’s won pretty much everything…”Best Actress“, “Best Supporting Actor“, “Best Screenplay” and most importantly “Best Film“. It’s unstoppable. 

The story starts pretty much straight away. No build up. Straight to putting the money down for putting up those controversial advertisements towards the local Sheriff. It’s a really powerful story line and you really like all the characters which is really important. You root for Mildred and even the police department. 

It’s an amazing film. Truly remarkable work by both the actors and the direction. It truly deserves all the awards it can get. Honestly, the only way you’re going to understand is by going to see it for yourself. 



Saving the best for last it’s my favourite movie in years! I can’t say enough good things about this movie. I’m actually really annoyed it hasn’t been nominated for more awards. However, it is scooping up the Awards for “Best Original Song” for This is Me. At least that’s something. 

Our of all the films above, this is the film I recommend the most. Don’t wait till it’s on DVD! Go see it on the big screen. 


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Which film do you thinks deserves to win “Best Film” at the Oscars this year? Let me know in the comments below.


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