It’s time. To get back. To business. That’s right, I’m back on the health train but not by choice. Well, sort of. I’ve been very unwell lately and with a massive lack of motivation to match, I’ve let me weight slip. I actually hate the amount of weight I’ve put on and I can’t wait to do something about it.

I YOYO my weight so much. I’m either healthy and hit the gym all the time or I eat crap and sit on my butt doing nothing. There’s no middle ground.

I’ve got lots of stuff coming up this year to keep me motivated. I’ve planned 3 trips away so far this year, a wedding in March and I’m a finalist in the UK Blog Awards so I want to look my best for it. Let’s do this!



Gym Pants

I love my USA Pro gym pants. Yes, they are the only ones that fit my enormous bottom now but they are also so comfy, they look great and I don’t feel like they will split suddenly in the middle of the gym. I also got them on sale which was a bargin. Lastly, Little Mix endorse them and look how fabulous they look!

Protein Shakes

I’ve still got my tub of Slender Blend from the last time I went on a diet. This time I wanted to try something else from them too. I’ve bought Protein Pancake mix. I love pancakes and I need some help to make sure I eat 3 meals a day. The mix takes seconds to make and then it’s straight in the pan to cook. Delicious. 

Perkier Bars

I’m a proper snacker! The worst times are when I am at work and my draw is usually filled with treats. Perkier Bars are a great snack instead of a chocolate bar. They are also great to have after the gym. I’ve never been one for nuts but these bars were great. Especially, the Cacao bars. They’re my favourites!


Perkier Bars




I’ve been eating awful again. Seriously, bad. My flatmate and I were watching a healthy eating show and they laid out on a table all the food this person had eaten all week. My table would have been filled with Pasta and Chips. I need to cut down. Last time, I just ate one of the other on my “cheat day”.


Yeah, so I’ve not been to the gym in 3 months. Not even been close to it. Pretty bad. Worse thing is, I’ve been PAYING FOR IT!? 

Work Lunches

I’ve been really lazy with my lunches. I keep forgetting to make them or to take them into work. Then, I end up going out onto the High Street and picking something up. It’s always something unhealthy and expensive. I can save money an calories by cooking something myself. Just need to stop being lazy. 


It’s just been Christmas!? I’m still full on boxes of Quality Street tins and pretty much all my family got my chocolate for presents. Makes things very difficult to get through them all. Would be rude not to. I could have not bought 3 Christmas Chocolate logs though. However, one was for pre Christmas, one was for Christmas Day and the last was for post Christmas. I didn’t eat them all to myself! I do bagsie the ends with the most buttercream on them though. 



Goals from my last blog post

Ok, my last attempt at doing this was nearly 9 months ago. I’ve done well for some of my goals but failed miserably for others. However, 3 months down the line I did manage to go from this….to this! Now, it’s all gone in reverse. 



Drink more water and less tea

Passed! I’m now down to just 1 tea a day with only 1 sugar. I also drink a lot momre water than before. tried to used to drink 5/6 cups of tea a day…with 2 sugars! I am now down to 1/2 cups of tea with 1 sugar. I really need to drink more water though. 

Eat less chocolate

Failed! OK. I’ll never to be able to give up chocolate completely and it’s just been Christmas. It feels like a pretty hopeless task. 

Lose 10 pounds by next month

Passed! I did achieve this JUST, as you can see from my photo but loosing 10lbs a week is very difficult. I think I might aim a little less next time. 

Buy one more gym outfit

Passed! I did get 2 more gym outfits but by the look of my ass, I might need to look at some more the next size up. Great…more shopping. 

No more eating out on lunch breaks

Passed….sort of! I have completely cut Nandos out of my diet. However, a few McDonald’s have slipped their way through. Working next to the High Street is very difficult when your trying to avoid temptation. 

Go to a fitness class

FAILED! Didn’t do one. Was too scared. Wanted to do a dance class but couldn’t find one in my area. I really made the effort to look for one. I was looking at HIIT classes but when you work shifts, it’s quite difficult to fit them in. However, I’ll be back on 9 to 5’s from March which I’m weirdly excited about. 

Go to the gym at least twice a week!

FAILED! Hahaha! I haven’t been to the gym in nearly 3 months. I’m not even going to lie about it. I need to get the gym back into my routine. 



No more fizzy drinks

I only drink fizzy drinks now on a Friday for work drinks or when I go out. Social drinks. I’m a vodka coke drinker so this will be difficult but I don’t go out that much. My other drink is wine which isn’t that bad. This is going to be the hardest out of all my goals because I’ll be dreading have a wine ache hangover.

No Orange Juice

I’ve been told off by my dentist for drinking Orange Juice? My dentist!?!? I still don’t understand why because it’s my main source of Vitamin C so I’m going to have to look at Vitamin tablets or something so I can reduce my sugar intake.

No Takeaways

No more McDonalds! No more!!! Fish and Chips is also off the menu. Must cook actual food.

Go to the gym twice a week

I’ve been paying for the gym and not using it. To be fair, I haven’t been very well over the last month and it was Christmas before that but it’s time to get back to it. As soon as I get the OK from the doctor, I’m hitting the gym like a mad woman. 

Try a HIIT class

I think HIIT is for me. I can’t see any other class that will keep me interested so when I get back to the gym it’s time to give it a go. However, I might have to wait till March when I’m on 9 to 5s to get to a class on time. More research it needed. 



TBC till next months update!

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Have you got any tips to keep me motivated? Let me know in the comments below!


Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer or have any professional experience or qualifications in loosing weight. This post is sponsored by Perkier bars. 

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