I’ve been a stubborn, angry and moody human being lately which is just totally not acceptable. I needed to snap out of it and there’s nothing better than having a good cry. I watched a few emotionally challenging films to ensure my tear ducts were still intact and now I feel normal again! Check out some of these films below if your feeling a bit like an emotionless robot and see how many make you cry like a baby. 




As a Harry Potter fan one of these films had to make this list. If I was going to pick one it was either one of three key moments. From “The Half Blood Prince” at Dumbledore’s death with everyone pointing their ones to the sky or when Sirius Black dies in my Beatrix and falls silently through the veil in “The Order of the Phoenix“. However, for me the biggest tear jerkier from the whole series was at the end of the final film “The Deathly Hallows: Part 2” where Harry uses the resurrection stone to see his parents, Sirius and Remus before facing his fate. Sobbing Central!




This is my favourite film….because it makes me cry every time. Of course there are other elements of the film I love like the characters, the great story line and the humor. However, there is one scene which still gets to me, even though I’ve seen this movie it a thousand times. It’s when Bruce Willis is saying goodbye to his daughter. Can’t cope. Can’t even write about it. Too many emotions. 

“We win Gracie!”



One of the deifying films of our generation. I never understand why some people don’t like this film? Wait. They must be the robots! How can you not tear up when Mufasa dies and Simba runs away. Poor Simba. It’s such a heart wrenching scene that really shouldn’t be for kids. What was Disney thinking!? But they love killing off parents. Bambi. Cinderella. Tarzan. Snow White. See a pattern. Disney the Parent Killers

“Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars.”



This is one of the more recent films on the list and probably the worst movie on the list. However, there is one killer scene which had me silently wailing in the cinema. It was the scene where Henry dies?! I had’t seen the trailer for the movie and I wasn’t expecting the main character to die! Especially, in such a brutal way. It was just so real. The movie is still stupid though. 

“Mommy… Mommy… get me to the window… I want to see the sky.”



Taking about….my girl….MY GIRL! Macaulay Culkin is one of the most famous child actors ever. Mostly for Home Alone and this movie. Physiologically, this could be why I might be afraid of bees? Scary thought. One of the first films I ever shed a tear too. My sister has two movies which make her cry her eyes out. This is one of them….

“Life isn’t just death. Don’t ignore the living.”



…and this is the other. My sister is obviously a sucker for 90’s sob stories. This is actually her favourite film too. We’re just two sister who love film which makes us an emotional mess. Julia Roberts is just fantastic in this film along side the legendary Susan Sarandon to bring us this touching and heartbreaking story.

“Are you dying?”

“Not today”



The story about our big friendly giant on death row. Not only is he the nicest criminal in prison but he’s also got mysterious healing powers. The story is incredibly powerful and Tom Hanks is in it so automatically you know it’s going to be good. Hanks stamp of approval. 

“I tried to take it back, boss, but it was too late.”



When you think sob story, this is one of the film which is top of the pile. A romantic love story with a tearful ending which will break anyone. There are several moments in the movie which get you slightly teary eyed but it’s not till the final scenes where your crying uncontrollably. 

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”



This is a story of young couple who get married and get a dog to delay the baby game for a while. However, Marley the dog is hard work. The story spans the lifetime of the dog  while the family gets bigger and older. I grew up with a Labrador cross Golden Retriever so this film gets me every time. Even worse now my dog recently died. I won’t be watching this film for a while. RIP Crombie you furry idiot. 

“Sometimes life has a better idea.”



Another dog death film. What can I say, I love dogs. Stop killing them off! This film isn’t just about the dog obviously. It’s a zombie Apocalypse film starring Will Smith who is the last man on earth. However, the special bond he has with this dog who is only companion left in the world makes the death scene so heartbreaking. 

“God didn’t do this. We did!”



Another Pixar masterpiece which has a special place for all us adventure seekers, explorers and wanderlusters. It’s mainly the introduction scene which hits me hard. The life story of Carl and his wife till she eventually dies all shown beautifully in a few minutes. Literally their life flashing before our eyes. If you make it through this tearful introduction then you are rewarded with a lot of laughs throughout the rest of the film. 

“Adventure is out there!”



Set just before the Cival War, this film is set around a free Black man who is kidnapped and sold into slavery. Based on the title he’s a slave for just over a decade before finding his way back to his family. A fantastic film which even won the Oscar for best film in 2014 and rightly deserved. 

“I don’t want to survive. I want to live.”



This is my favourite modern day love story. Two fun, witty and very smart teenagers who are both going through counselling for life threatening conditions they had or once had. They bond over a book Hazel Grace is reading and take a trip to Amsterdam. However, Gus takes a turn for the worse which breaks your heart till the very last scene. Oblivion. 

“That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt”



I watched this film in Amsterdam with Dutch subtitles which was very interesting but I needed it to overcome the sound of sobbing within the theatre. I really wasn’t prepared for the sobfest I was about to face. The trailer is super misleading and looks like a dramatic fantasy movie for children and families. The actual movie is filled with grief, death and a scary tree. 

“…and if you have to break things, then by God, you break them!”



The mother of dragons, Emilie Clarke, takes a slightly different role which embraces are quirky real life personality. She takes a position as a carer for a paralyzed once playboy and they end up falling for each other. Again, more death. Why does no one end up happily ever after anymore! Less entertaining for us I suppose. We’re a dark generation. 

“You are pretty much the only thing that makes me wanna get up in the morning.”



The final installment (as far as we know) to the Toy Story trilogy. Us 90’s kids were waiting years for the final chapter of this story which didn’t leave us disappointed. For one, Pixar tried to dispose of our favourite animated characters several times, including a huge fire pit. Then, Andy leaves his childhood toys for good. It was just too much!

“Our mission with Andy is complete, Woody.”



Probably the first film from my childhood which I had a good cry over and not from pure fear. What a movie! However, it’s another cartoon and even though it’s not Disney there’s another parental death to blubber too. 

“Mother? Please get up.”



OK. Let’s be honest…if my husband was Gerard Bulter and he died, I would be upset too. 

“It’s been a year. I don’t feel him anymore. I feel he’s gone. He’s really gone!”



Will Smith is at his best during this film. I love him in comedies but he is really nailing these dramas. This is one of his best films as he sets out to change the lives of 7 strangers and falls for the last one which is a cardiac patient. An outstanding film. 

“In seven days, God created the world. And in seven seconds, I shattered mine.”



One of the only real life stories on the list. It’s based on the tragic true events which happened on Boxing Day in Thailand as a Tsunami completely destroys a resort. It’s set around the perspective of one family which gets separated and tries to find each while the mother is in life threatening condition. A remarkable story and the reunion will have you wailing. 

“I will find them, I’ll promise you that.”



Another Will Smith film! Topping the leader board with another tea jerkier. This time with the true story of Chris Gardener trying to change his life and of his sons. Landing a position as an intern at a brokerage firm, with no pay. He ends up homeless while trying to work as hard as he can to get a job. If you think things are bad right now, then watch this film. When he gets the job, I’ve never been so happy for someone I didn’t know. 

“You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”



This is the darkest cartoon (other than Animal Farm) I’ve ever seen. What a tragic movie. Those poor rabbits. This shouldn’t be for children. So much bunny rabbit deaths and cartoon blood. Even Disney wouldn’t go that far…

“Run! Run for your lives! Run!”



Ghost has one of the most iconic scenes in movie history but it also has a killer story line. The most emotional scenes are at the beginning when Patrick Swayze dies and then at the end when he “passes on”. We basically have to watch him die twice and so does poor Demi Moore. Brutal.




One of last years Oscar and Golden Globe favourites. Dev Patel has come a long way from Skins and takes on a very serious and emotional role of Saroo. A little lost Indian boy who is separated from his family and tries to find his way home. When he is finally reunited with his mother, a wave of emotion takes over you and the flood gates open. Lots of happy tears. 

“I’m not from Calcutta… I’m lost.”



The mother of all RomComs, the king of the world and movie royalty of all endings. Why couldn’t they share the floating door? Why? Why?! When this movie was released, the people were going back to the cinema several times to watch it again and again. It was emotional movie crack. 

“I’ll never let go…”


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Which film gets you bawling your eyes out every time? Let me know in the comments!




  1. 14/01/2018 / 12:08 pm

    Here’s a few to watch when you need to let it all out:

    The Light Between Oceans
    My Sister’s Keeper
    Miracles from Heaven
    The Best of Me
    The Choice

    A few of which are based on Nicolas Sparks books so automatically weepy!

    • Natasha Atlas
      16/01/2018 / 5:46 pm

      My Sister’s Keeper is good but it didn’t get me enough like the rest of these films. Never heard of the others. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them! Thanks 🙂

  2. 14/01/2018 / 9:54 pm

    oh my gosh … some of my all time favs here!! Titanic, The notebook, p.s I love you, Me before you, & Marley and me!! Love them all!!
    Great post!!

    • Natasha Atlas
      16/01/2018 / 5:47 pm

      Thanks! Marely & Me gets me right in the feels!

  3. 15/01/2018 / 1:30 pm

    I don’t usually cry no matter how sad the movie is. However, my heart is just squeezed and I breath heavily haha
    these are some great movies! the only one I actually felt so so sad and frozen afterwards is The Green Mile. I mean. ♥
    you also gave me some awesome ideas on what to watch tonight 🙂
    btw. it just striked me… Mufasa was the king of the jungle. Couldn’t he just roar or something to stop the stampede? Fu*king Scar.

    • Natasha Atlas
      16/01/2018 / 5:48 pm

      Justice for Mufasa!!!!

  4. 15/01/2018 / 5:26 pm

    Oh wow, some classics here! I always cry at the end of Goodnight Mr Tom because it just ends so well!
    Marley and Me, and Me Before You are definitely tear-jerkers, I don’t even want to watch them again because they’re too emotional!

    • Natasha Atlas
      16/01/2018 / 6:06 pm

      GOODNIGHT MISTER TOM!!! OMG what a film!!!

  5. 17/01/2018 / 12:12 pm

    Oh god, Marley and Me and My Sisters keeper ruined me! x

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