2018 is starting out with a jam packed movie schedule. Considering the poor end to last year, I highly appreciate the mass amount of decent films out this month. I definitely won’t be bored this month. Back to back cinema dates is just what I need. Don’t forget, award season is right coming up fast. Let’s see what there is to enjoy this month. 



Day 1 of 2017 and the cinemas are opening up with a strong leading woman. Molly’s Game is a true story about a young woman leading the world’s most exclusive high stakes poker game. A girl boss bad ass. 

Approximate release date 1st January



Ridley Scott‘s latest film has been splattered across the media for months but not promoting the film they way he wanted. Kevin Spacey lost his role in the film even though he had already filmed all/most of his scenes due to sexual misconduct charges. Ridley Scott recast him and re-shot all the scenes in 4 days. Drama. 

Approximate release date 5th January



Another World War II film awaits us. This time, from the point of view of Prime Minister Winston Churchill. After watching “The Crown”, I’m actually quite looking forward to watching this film as I never realised what an eccentric character he was. 

Approximate release date 12th January



Sadly, this is the only horror film out this month. The creepy horror film series is back with it’s 4th installment. More ghosts, more demons, more creepy messed up creatures which will give you nightmares for days. Great. 

Approximate release date 12th January



Tom Hanks is gunning for his first Academy Awards nomination in years. Which is kind of ironic as he’s starring with Meryl Streep who’s sitting at the top of the leader board  as the living actress with the most Oscar wins. Hanks hasn’t won an Oscar since Forrest Gump which was 1994. Finger’s crossed for Hanks that this Drama / Thriller which exposes Government secrets and hopefully might expose an Oscar for him too. 

Approximate release date 19th January



Pixar are back with a new story. YES. A brand new story. Not a sequel. Great. This story is set around the City of the Dead based in Mexico. It looks visually beautiful and has the Pixar comedy value stamp for all the family which is what we love them for. 

Approximate release date 19th January



I’ve been waiting for this film for months. Downsizing is Drama / Sci-Fi film about scientist being able to shrink human beings. You move into a teeny tiny neighborhood with other teeny tiny people and all your costs are economically slashed due to your size. Amazing. However, there’s no going back. Once tiny, always tiny. Story of my life. 

Approximate release date 19th January



Liam Neeson is back in a fast paced Crime/Thriller. Neeson, giving the people what they want. Kicking peoples ass on a high speed train. Sold. 

Approximate release date 19th January



It wouldn’t be the same without ANOTHER 9/11 movie would it. Just like we expect World War II films to be regurgitated from different perspectives, 9/11 is another painful historical moment which Hollywood are taking advantage of. This time, it’s from the view of the US Special Forces in the deserts of Afghanistan. At least, Chris Hemsworth is in it…in army uniform. Thumbs up. 

Approximate release date 26th January



Aardman Animations are back with their impressive play-doh skills again. No, Wallace & Gromit or Chicken Run sequel. We’ve got a new story out of them too. Caveman set in the Stone Age…wait…Bronze Age? That makes no sense!

Approximate release date 26th January



Ah, Dylan O’Brien. Gorgeous but oh so clumsy. O’Brien managed to get himself injured on set which pushed the whole production back about 6 months. At least the 3rd movie in the series is finally about to hit our screens. Two more films to go after this one. You better bubble wrap yourself O’Brien, I don’t want to be a grandma by the time you finish that final film. 

Approximate release date 26th January


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Which film are you the most excited to see this month? Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. 03/01/2018 / 4:54 pm

    The Post looks amazing! I really love Tom Hanks, he’s really great. Really great selection of films, will definitely keep my eyes peeled for these.
    Laila x

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