I visited 7 countries this year. Most of them were new countries I finally tickets off my Bucket list. Next year, I’m not going to be as ambitious but more “selective” about where I want to travel. There’s a few new countries I am eager to visit and a few places in countries I have already been to that I am dying to see. Remember, I am a movie buff so most of the places I want to visit will be film related. 



One of the top places on my list is Petra. I’ve wanted to visit this incredible site since I watched Indian Jones: The Last Crusade. This famous archaeological site is within the desert’s of Jordan. It also means there will be Camels. I love animals so this is a win, win for me. Camels, Indiana film location and another country ticketed off my list. Sounds like a winner. I’m looking at going with either Geckos, Exodus or Top Deck for this trip. 



If you follow my blog and YouTube channel, you know how much I love America. I’m 23 states down and I want to get all 50. Hawaii is one of my top places in the States I want to go to next. Sun, sea, sand. Yes, that sounds great but I’m not a bucket and spade kind of girl. I want adventure. Hiking in the Volcano National Park, exploring the islands, checking out waterfalls and Snorkeling for tropical fish (if I can get over that fear of open water). That’s why I’m looking at booking this one with TrekAmerica again or Grand American Adventures



The Land Down Under. One of my best friends lives in Australia and refuses to come back to England. Don’t blame her really. So, I think it’s time I go to her. I really want to try to save up enough money and time so I can spend some time with her in Australia towards the end of next year. I’m thinking New Year’s in Sydney would be pretty amazing and I’ll get to spend some time with Hayley. Think the flight might kill me but I’ll deal with it to see her. 



Italia! My favourite food is Italian. I basically just want to go to Italy for the food. Can you blame me? I think I would also be very snap happy in this country as some of these cities and small towns are just so cute and quaint. Think I’d be pretty set with Instagram for a few months with all the photos I would take there. There’s just the small probably of picking which cities I want to go. I really want to find a tour that goes to Venice, Rome, Pisa and Pompeii. So far, TopDeck and G Adventures are looking like the best ones for the route I want to do. 



I really want to see the Northern Lights this year. I need to plan this right as the Northern Lights are a natural light display so you can go to see them but it’s not guaranteed they will show up. I want to plan to go during the best time of year so I have a higher chance of seeing them. There are actually quite a few tour companies who do tours in Iceland, so I think I’ll have to do some more research through Tourradar before making a decision on this one.

I’m looking at doing my next trip in March. I know it’s been a while since I’ve been plan hopping but with such big adventures ahead, money needs to be banked and saved. I want 2018 to be just as awesome as last year. The biggest thing I took from last year is that I enjoyed the bigger trips more than the weekends away. I’d rather save my money and do bigger trips. Which means longer Travel series on my Channel too. Prepare for some massive adventures back on my YouTube channel. Hope you’re excited as I am!?


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Where do you want to visit in 2018? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. 14/01/2018 / 8:04 pm

    Iceland!! 😍💕 Great list!! I hope you’ll get to see all these places! ☺

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