Netflix have been on a roll this month! There’s been so many new, exciting films and TV series to watch lately, that it was difficult to pick my favourite content for this month’s post. I’ve got a real mix of Stand-ups, Documentaries and TV series which I’ve enjoyed this November. I’ve pick the best of a great bunch. So, here’s my top picks for Netflix that you to watch ASAP.


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I love stand up comedy and posh boy Jack Whitehall, is truly remarkable at making us all laugh till our sides hurt. This show is exclusive to Netflix along with his show “Travel with my Father”. However, I was more entertained by his stand up show. There’s been a influx of comedians and presenters trying to repeat the comedy value of Karl Pilkington: An Idiot Abroad, but none of them will ever match up. Jack Whitehall’s better on a stage where he belongs. It’s hilarious. 

Watch it now!



Woman kills a random guy, on a beach, in front of husband and child…and she doesn’t know why? How can you kill someone so brutally and have no idea why? This Crime/Thriller follows the story from the day of the incident. It’s got lots of twists and turns, that’ll keep you binge watching till the end.

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This is a documentary on Jim Carrey and his role as Andy Kaufman. Seriously, this is an amazing documentary. As a 90’s kid, I never know this is how Jim Carrey rose to fame. I always associated him with great comedy films I used to watch as a kid, like “The Truman Show”, “Liar Liar” and “Bruce Almighty”. After watching this documentary, his character and who he is today totally makes sense to me. Remarkable. Moving. Crazy. Disturbing but highly fascinating. 

Watch it now!



Another documentary but this one is based on an industry I never know existed. It’s about media journalists who film car crashes, speed chases, kidnappings, explosions and then selling it to the News. This is a job? It’s fascinating, frightening and very emotional. These cameramen put their lives on the line every day to chase the destruction in LA to get it on the News ASAP and get paid. What a crazy adrenaline fuelled business.

Watch it now!


Have you seen any of these shows on Netflix yet? Let me know in the comments below.



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