There’s plenty more fish in the sea. Once a comforting phrase to console someone taking a hard hit in the dating scene. Now, it’s just a phrase which annoys me to my core. Not because it’s not true, but because it’s not accurate. This statement is completely depends on where you live. When you live in a small town, you don’t have a sea of “fish”. It’s more like a small pond. A village sized community pond. I would know. I used to live in a small town but now I live in plentiful Aquarium of London.


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After 2 years of living in London, I have noticed massive differences to dating up North in a small town to dating in a big City like London. It wasn’t till I went back home and I was trying to explain these differences to my friends. Basically to explain why I was still single. 


The Small Town aka the Local Community Fishing Pond

In a small pond, you find the same type of fish.

These Fish that have lived in that pond their whole lives

Most likely, one of your fellow fishing buddies have probably hooked the same fish before you and released it back into the wild water.

There’s normally one mythical fish everyone talks about “the one” or a Golden fish you can hook at county fairs but the chances of catching that winning fish is less likely because it looks like all the defective ones you’ve thrown back into the water.

It’s very likely your other fishing buddy’s are after the same fish.

Sometimes, you spend hours fishing and you don’t even hook a fish. You get an old Boot or a Tyre. 


Big City aka The City Lake

The fish here are wildly spread out. There are even different lakes which are spread out all over the city with a River connecting them all. You might never encounter the same fish twice.

There are lots of different species, some which I’ve never seen or heard of before.

Some fish are visiting from far off lands.

It’s like a game to try to find them. You feel like you need to go into every room and examine all the different fish.

These fish are very nice to look at but they are harder to catch

Be careful, these fish are master escape artists. Ghost Fish are common in these waters.

It’s likely that your fishing buddies have never encountered this fish before.

Your fellow fishing buddies want to analyse your new catch. Where did you find it? How long did you spend fishing? How much does it weight (I’m just kidding!)?


Do you have a Local Fishing Pond or an Aquarium? Let me know in the comments below?

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