I’m contemplating booking another TrekAmerica tours but I just can’t decide which one to do. I’ve been to America with them in 2016 and Canada last year. Now, I’m looking for the next big adventure! Do I do another USA tour and tick off a few more States of my list? 23 States down, 27 to go. Should I go somewhere different? I’ve never been to South America or Central America. So many choices.


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If you’ve been following my travels, then you’ll know it all started with my first TrekAmerica trip. I went on the Southern BLT from LA to New York. Travelling as apart of a group gave me so much confidence to travel solo and really helped my travel anxieties. I booked this tour for my birthday and it took me 2 years to save up for it. It was totally worth it.

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Next up was Canada. Ey! I wanted to try a different country with Trek this time. I also really enjoyed the nature side to trek more than I anticipated on the first trip. I am a city girl. I love cities, buildings and the constant hustle. However, some of the places on the Southern BLT away from the cities, were actually my favourite parts of the trip. Like, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and the Louisiana Swamp tour. I love animals too, so there’s lots of opportunities to see Whales, Moose and Bears. I saw a lot of bears! The Glaciers + Grizzlies tour was amazing. Canada is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. 

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My first pick is one of the South America tours. Obviously, the main reason for this tour is to see the iconic Machu Picchu. It’s an incredible site which I would love to see but I think I would only get the best out this tour if I hiked the Inca Trail. There is a train to Machu Picchu but I’d love to see if I could accomplish this hike. Just need to sort out my dodgy ankle first and get back to the gym. Maybe in 2019. 

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Aloha! This is probably top of the list so far but my current bikini body is saying hell no. This trek looks amazing. I love the fact it’s an obvious beach holiday. I’m an adventure girl. You won’t find me sunning myself all day everyday on vacation. It’s all about the activities for me. This trek includes activities such as Snorkeling, a Zodiac Island Cruise, hiking in the Volcano National Park and visiting some incredible waterfalls

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Mex-i-co. Sun, Sea, Sand and incredible instagramable scenery. I was trying to decide between this trek and Canada last time around. I really wanted a trek where I could take lots of photos. This trip is so beautiful. My camera and I would be visally pleased in Mexico. Plus, I could get a pretty decent tan too. Milly from MiniAdventures recently went on this tour and it’s made me super jealous. I really want to go. 

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So. Much. Scenery. Epic landscapes, amazing hikes and lots of wildlife opportunities. That’s for me. My camera would have a field day on this tour. Alaska looks surreal. Not only that but there are so many different animals to spot. Again there are bears, whales, moose but on this tour, these a dog sledding demo bonus. Yes! If that wasn’t enough, the Northern lights are a possibility too. 

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I have pretty much covered all the Southern States. This tour would take me to about 35-40 states total which would be incredible. The main highlights for me would be Niagara Falls, Chicago, Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone. I’ve also really wanted to go to Yosemite, which is a national park I’ve missed out on going to even though I’ve been to California 4 times. 

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If I take ticking off new states and countries out of my decision making, then there are still a lot of National Parks I still haven’t visited. Arches, Zion and Bryce are still high up on my Bucket list but I keep missing these opportunities to go and visit them. Maybe it’s finally time to give them a visit. 

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One of these Treks is the one for 2018 but I just can’t decide between them. Can you blame me. I will go on one of these amazing adventures, I just need to pick. Help. You never know some of the pictures I take might end up in the brochure…just like this years. This one below is in the 2018/19 brochure…twice! Bring on 2018 and the next big adventure. Thanks TrekAmerica for building my confidence, my social anxiety and helping me make some incredible memories. 



Which of these TrekAmerica tours would you want to do? Let me know in the comments below. 


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  1. 23/11/2017 / 12:28 pm

    Yosemite was one of the days of my trek! Absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Aimee Skelton
    16/01/2018 / 5:43 pm

    Alaska blt looks amazing, I bet you would see a lot of beautiful sights its definitely one for great photos! I am doing the mountie in Canada in August so I was hooked to your glaciers and grizzlies vlogs, so glad to see you had such an amazing time! There are too many treks to choose from 😂

    • Natasha Atlas
      16/01/2018 / 5:45 pm

      Awww thank you! Glad you like the vlogs! More travel vlogs coming this year! I think I’ve decided on my next one. Will be announcing it once it’s all confirmed!

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