Netflix are on a role with great, new and original films and TV shows for us to stream to our hearts content! We’ve got a nice mixture of long awaited new TV series and Netflix Originals Films. Obviously, with Halloween being the highlight of the month, most genres are hitting strong with the horror or thriller vibe. We’ve also got one highly anticipated Netflix TV show which the whole world is obsessed with and ready to binge watch the weekend away. 


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This is not your average kidnapping film. This is a child abduction story with a twist. The mother doesn’t just scream and shout for help that she’s lost her child. She sees him getting dragged into a car and chases the kidnappers down. 

I was blown away with how intense this film is. I out this on as something easy watching that I could possible fall asleep to but NO, I was up till 1am desperate to know how it ends. Halle Berry is outstanding in this film. She brings so much anxiety and tension to this story along with a mothers love for her child which should never be overestimated. A truly incredible story which is unlike any other kidnap story I’ve ever seen. 9/10




One of Netflix’s best TV shows is back but Emma Swan has left the story. With the absence of a lead character, we get a new one or an old one depending on how you look at it. Henry is all grown up and follows the same opening sequence as he did back in series 1. Opening the door to a child claiming to be his with a crazy story about his family being storybook characters which he needs to save. Sound familiar.

We’re only a few episodes in so I don’t really know if I like it yet as it usually takes me a few episodes to get into something. So far, I’m not sure if I like the whole retelling of the story I already know so well. If I wanted to do that I would just go back to series 1. Also, I don’t really like the “new Storybrook”. Honestly, I think it’s all been done before and they should have just left it there or changed the story up completely. Quite disappointed so far. 6/10




A survival story with a kinky twist. This Thriller/Horror starts with a couple trying to revive their sex life, with handcuffs. The husband handcuffs his wife to the bed and then suffers a fatal heart attack. The woman is left handcuffed to her bed with a dead body in the room. 

This is by far the weirdest survival movie I have ever watched. Gripping in places but very weird for the majority. The film had me intrigued till the woman started having hallucinations of her dead husband. Good film. Different. An alternative to watch at Halloween. 5/10




Season 2 of Stranger Things finally returns. It’s created a worldwide phenomenon and it’s now a Golden Globe award winning show, which had Winona Ryder stunned for the whole time the cast were accepting the award. You must have seen the countless memes. If you haven’t seen season 1 then you really need to get watching ASAP. It’s a Sci-Fi horror which is set in the 1980s about a boy who goes missing. Super thrilling and super scary at times but great fun.

No spoilers. Season 2 brings us back to the same gang in the same town but 1 year on. Honestly, I really enjoyed it. Obviously, nothing will be as good as the first season as we now know what happened to Will and what took him etc. But the kids are freaking kool and the story is good enough for the sequel so I wasn’t let down at all. Still lots of twists and turns and jokes to enjoy. 10/10




Have you seen any shows on Netflix which you would recommend watching? Let me know in the comments below.

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