It’s October! Wow, this year is going so quickly! This month is filled with Sci-Fi films which is one of my favourite genres. I can’t wait to spend my weekends watching these films in a nice warm cinema to escape in impending cold weather. We do have some remakes in the mix, which are here out of curiosity mostly. Remake has become a swear word in the film industry but I am keen to see them to see what they’ve done.


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I loved the original version of this film. Yes, I am slightly annoyed they decided to revamp it. However, I am intrigued to see what they do with the film 30 years after the original. Ellen Page stars in it and she can make any film great….hopefully?




Yes, another remake or sequel. God knows at this stage. Harrison Ford returns for this movie with beautiful Ryan Gosling. So it can’t be that bad. I’m hoping this thriller / fantasy will be action packed and won’t let me down. Finger crossed. 

Approximate release date 6th October



Idris Elba and Kate Winslet! What a pairing! This film looks intense. Their plane crashing in a remote, snow covered terrain and they need to survive. Two great actors and an interesting story line! I’m Sold!

Approximate release date 6th October



This is the perfect alternative for anyone looking for a film to watch this Halloween at the cinema who doesn’t like conventional horror movies. There not for everyone, I get it. Try this thriller, drama, mystery instead. 

Approximate release date 13th October



One of my favourite films is Armageddon so always compare any new natural disaster films or end of the world films to my ultimate favourite. It looks like its got all the special effects down but the main part for me is the story! Will it get me emotionally investigated? We will see…

Approximate release date 20th October



Of course he’s back! Jigsaw is dead and he’s still making movies somehow. The franchise looks like it’s never going to die! With Halloween around the corner so come another Saw movie with it too. I love horror movies so I will 100% be watching it but I really hope it’s better than the last few Saw movies. 

Approximate release date 20th October



Yes! Thor is back! The beautiful, giant, blonde haired, God! Forget the story line. 2 hours of Chris Hemsworth is fine by me. I didn’t particularly like the last Thor movie but the Hulk has a cameo on this film so it can’t be that terrible. I’ve got high hopes for this movie.

Approximate release date 24th October


Which of these films are you most excited to see this month? Let me know in the comments below! 


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