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The X Factor auditions are over for another year. I think this is going to be another exciting year for X Factor. There is a lot more “original” talent than the last few previous years and I’ve got a few favourites already. Before we move onto Boot camp…let’s have a look at some of my favourite auditions and which of this year’s hopefuls made the cut for the list!?


*In the Voice of Dermot O’Leary* “In no particular order….”



Ella is one of my favourite contestants ever! She did back to back amazing performances from her very first audition. Her single Ghost was a huge hit worldwide. Another contestant proving you don’t have to win the show to be successful! Go Ella!



The come back king! James Arthur had an amazing 1st Audition singing Tulias song in front of her. Good job he didn’t mess that up! James Arthur went onto to win the show but then messed things up for himself. He came back with another amazing album though. Phew! He’s back on the X Factor books!



It’s my man! I wish! I love Olly Murs and spent a lot of money trying to ensure he won but he came 2nd and I was left with a massive bill. Damn it! Anyway, I loved his first audition and so began the Olly Wiggle. His stage presence is incredible. 



These girls! WOW! Seriously, just incredible! I love it when a contestant comes on all pure and innocent…then POW! SASS! YES! Performing like a completely different person. 



Liam is the one One Direction member in this list and that’s because all the other boys auditions were very lukewarm. Liam’s performance really showed off his vocals. It was also quite a shock as when he said Cry Me a River, we were automatically thinking he was going to singe Justin Timberlake and not Buble! Good surprise. What a voice!



The X Factor’s first biggest success story and it all started with her first audition…



I remember working in America and my sister sending me this video saying you have to watch this. She was right! What audition! I love it when they do an original song and this one is hilarious. 



It feels like forever since we saw Cher take the stage in her ripped jeans and then not singing at all at judges houses. Awks. Since her first audition, CHer has made it big stateside which is pretty difficult to do. Even her mentor Cheryl couldn’t do that. Super awks. Well done Cher! 



Besides Jedward (who I try to forget about) Janet is one of the only Irish contestants to make it to live shows….and be remembered. She had such a lovely voice and her first audition was stunning. Shame she kept forgetting her words. 



One of the best rock acts to brace the X Factor stage! His audition was incredible and even got Simon singing along. I miss Jamie and his amazing Afro! Great singer and an amazing performer!



It’s Grace! 2017 contestant Grace Davies! The only contestant from this years X Factor to make this list! Fellow northern girl Grace’s original song Roots even started tending on YouTube at #1. It might not have as many views as the other videos but it’s only been up a few weeks and has over 2 million views already. This is just the beginning for our Grace!



Danyl has one of the best performances in the X Factor audition history. He dazzled the judges, the audience and us at home. The when it came to live shows, everyone turned on him thinking he was too cocky? Not me. Bless him!



Sam the prison warden, who went on the X Factor, won and payed off her mortgage. She’s had another baby and seems pretty happy. Nothing wrong with that. She has one of the most shocking first performances in X Factory history. I love it when that happens. 



Jahmene was another shocker. This is what I love about the X Factor, that people you just don’t expect have the best voices! Jahmene had one of the most powerful voices and shocked everyone with his power ballad. Samuel L Jackson was even backing him to win the show but he came in 2nd place. 



Rylan definitely didn’t have the best voice out of all the contestants but he won over the judges with his witty charisma and won the hearts of the nation as the show went on. He was referred to as “the joke act” throughout his time on the X Factor and obviously didn’t win but went onto be one of the most successful acts to come out of the show. Just not singing. Well Done Rylan!


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Which was your favourite X Factor audition? Let me know in the comments below!


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