Like most of you, I love watching Netflix and struggle to find something to watch most days. I get asked a lot for Netflix recommendations and if I did a post for each show/movie I watched on Netflix, I would have to put a blog post up everyday! Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time. Sorry! So, I thought I would stick to a monthly recommendations for you and let you know the best of the bunch. Let’s go!


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It’s Netflix Original Sci-Fi movie set in the future. What Happened to Monday shows the population of the world is dramatically increasing and to stop this, the government have put two plans in place. You can either freeze yourself until the population has decreased or you can only have one child. It’s based on a family who has septuplets. 7 children!! The father names them after days of the week and take on the identity of one person. They can only go out on the day they are named after. Plan goes well till Monday disappears…?

It’s a very interesting movie and filled with action. The story is a bit far out there and if your not into Sci-Fi or action movies then this isn’t for you. I did enjoy this movie but the ending is a bit predictable for me. No Spoilers. Lots of action. Loved the characters and bond between the sisters. Good film to watch if you like your Sci-Fi films! 6/10




A Netflix Original, dark, fantasy, psychological, thriller. It’s initially looks like a horror but it’s not spooky or makes you jump. It does have some gore in it and obviously by the title a few deaths. The story is about a book called the Death Note which is passed onto a high school student. It has the power the make anyone die by simply writing their name in the Death Note and explain how they die. He uses it to eliminate anyone who he believes deserves to die. For example, murderers, gangs, criminals.  He takes on a disguise by basically creating a god called “Kira”.

It’s a very interesting story and I praise it’s originality. I don’t really like the main character and I find him quite annoying. I love the death god, Ryuk. He has a great presence, amazing animation and voice is slightly disturbing and humorous. It get’s a bit tiresome towards the end but still a good movie to watch. 5/10




The Mist is based of the Stephen King novel. There was a film released in 2007 starring Thomas Jane and William Sadler. However, Netflix have now made it into a TV series. It’s based on a small town which suddenly gets masked in a mysterious mist. Hence the title. However, there are unknown creatures lurking in the mist which kills anyone who enters it. The town takes shelter in building such as the Mall, the church, etc. No help appears to be on it’s way and the town folk start turning on each other using the Mist as punishment. 

I love this story and I really liked the film. I was quite nervous when I heard they were turning it into a TV series but it weirdly works. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good horror TV series and as a massive fan of the horror genre I had to give it a chance. It’s not that bad! Actually, it’s quite addictive. If you like science fiction, horror, thrillers then this is for you. 7/10




Daredevil is from the Marvel universe. Great start. It’s a TV series which is very different but makes great binge watching TV. Matt Murdock is a blind man with increased senses of hearing, smell and movement. He also has training in Martial Arts. Handy. The TV series also brings in other well known characters such as The Punisher and Elektra

I am so off the mark with this one but I am OBSESSED with this TV Show now. I went to Charlie Cox‘s new movie Eat Locals but he could attend as he was filming Daredevil/The Defenders. I’d never seen it so it gave me the much needed kick up the butt to give it a watch. I loved it!! I kind of knew I would as I love the Marvel films and Charlie Cox is a beautiful human being. If you haven’t watched it yet, theres 2 seasons of Daredevil to binge watch and the Defenders has one series. Be careful. It’s addictive. 8/10




The biggest shock for me in the last month was watching Glow. What a show! I just wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. It’s set in Los Angeles in the 80’s. Fabulous! Back when big hair, dramatic make up and wearing leotards were totally exceptable. A director is trying to put together a new hit show called Glow (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling). Totally staged, totally hilarious, totally brilliant. 

This is my biggest recommendation of the month. It’s a great TV show and filled with a lot of laughs and crazy costumes. I love that it’s set back in the 80’s and it’s a show withing a show which you don’t really see anymore. It’s great TV show to talk about with your girl mates. I can’t wait for the next series. 8/10



Have you got any Netflix recommendations your loving right now? Let me know in the comments below!


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