Summer is over and unfortunately, so is camp! If you we’re lucky enough to go travelling after camp then you’ll probably have just returned back home…to “the real world”. You’ll be catching up with your family and friends, setting back into normality and that’s when it’ll hit you! How much you miss camp!!!! *sad face*


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Here’s my top 20 signs of Post Camp Blues: 

When your body clock is still walking you up at 6am


Humming a camp song without realising it


Waking up and you’re not in a bunk of 14 people…you’re alone!


Breakfast just isn’t the same when you have to cook it yourself


You realise can’t walk outside in your PJ’s anymore


When your friends don’t understand your excitement over a foosball table and they refuse to play with you


Realising you can’t see your best friends from camp everyday



When you realise it’s not acceptable to wear outrageous costumes in the real world



When you think of a hilarious new skit but can’t use it till next summer



Camping in your own country just isn’t as fun



Wearing your camp t-shirt to bed so you dream of camp



When you realise how cold your country is compared to camp!?



Your camp bubble is broken and you hear all the news outside



Facebook is taken over my life again. I need another 3 months off!



Looking back at all the photos you’ve been tagged in over the summer




I have to worry about BILLS again???



When you can’t go to Arts&Crafts and make another friendship bracelet to chill out



Trying to Skype your camp friends is a mission because they live on the other side of the world!



I have to go to work!?


When you realise how long you have to wait till next summer!


So what do you do???? Apply for next summer and spend the whole 9 months planning it with your new friends! Bring on next summer!


Have you got any more symptoms to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

Natasha Atlas
Natasha Atlas

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