Summers gone! *Sob* But!!!…As it gets colder outside, it also means that it’s almost perfect “cinema weather”. For me, there’s nothing better than escaping the cold outdoors by venturing to my local cinema and watching a decent film. Let’s see what’s on this September!


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I freaking hate clowns! But, its a horror movie and I love horror movies. I honestly think this movie might give me actual nightmares. This is not a film I can watch alone. Someone come with me please!? It’s based of the Stephen King novel from 1986…vintage! Still…it has clowns! This is going to take some serious balls for me to watch this film!

Approximate release date 8th September



This is a moving story about Queen Victoria making an unlikely friend in her Indian servant. I love films which show relationships beyond discrimination and racial hatred. I just don’t understand why it’s an issue and I think it’s crazy that this used to be a massive issue for people of different race, culture, religion to be sat together, to be friends or in a relationship. It’s great to see our Queen felt the same why I did! Go Queeny!

Approximate release date 15th September



A physiological horror with my hero Jennifer Lawrence! I’m already there! This is right up my street! My favourite genre and my favourite actress all in one movie. This film look so scary…I can’t wait to watch it!

Approximate release date 15th September



Hell yes! I loved the first movie and this is the film I am most looking forward to this month! Let’s face it. England does great secret service films and this is no different. The action sequences are amazing, the characters are so intriguing (including our very own national treasure Colin Firth) and look very dapper in their suits. Equip with an epic story line, this film is going to be awesome!

Approximate release date 22nd September



Reese Witherspoon is back in her element. This romcom had a very….weird story line. She’s a divorced mother, suddenly lands herself in a situation where she is also living with 3 young men as well as her children. What? I can’t get one guy to move in with me, never mind 3! I need to watch this and pick up some tips.  

Approximate release date 29th September


Which of these movies are you more excited to see? Let me know in the comments below!


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