Dunkirk. Finally! This is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year. It’s been marketed to death. The trailers have been previewed before most movies this year. One movie I actually saw 5 short trailers!! Posters everywhere, TV trailers and Harry Styles has done his rounds being interviewed on every radio station and chat show on the whole planet! He did have a song out too but with his first serious role on the big screen he was highly talked about! So….is Dunkirk 2017 film of the year? 


Well, the year isn’t over yet but this film stands a very good chance of landing this title! Dunkirk is about the evacuation of 400,000 soldiers left stranded on Dunkirk beach during WWII. War films are a delicate topic and if your going to attempt a war film, it needs to firstly be factually accurate and secondly needs to be visually realistic to be taken seriously. Dunkirk does all this and more! It’s visually spectacular and does the story justice. 

It’s terrifyingly beautiful!

I found the most interesting part of this film was that there is hardly any dialog at all. It really didn’t need it! The story flows so well, no words actually needed to be spoken to carry the plot and made the whole story more terrifying. Instead the film was completely drive by the sound alone. Planes, bombs, screaming, water, etc. The soldiers themselves were in a true state of constant fear throughout the movie and showed a true representation of post traumatic stress disorder which so many solider suffer with post war. But they hadn’t even left the beach yet which made it more concerning. 



Obviously we knew the direction would be close to perfection when Christopher Nolan took this on. Even though Nolan is more Sci-Fi, his stamp was all over this film and was beautifully shot. With the Batman Trilogy, Inception and Interstellar under his belt, we were all keen to see how he would take on this historical war piece to the big screen. Each scene was perfect in my eyes and he did an excellent job shooting this movie. A lot of credit to this movie, I must say should go to the editing and sound team. If anyone is getting an Oscar it should be them over the directing. But still, great work from Nolan. 


Tom Hardy. Oh, Tom Hardy. Secretly, I am hoping this performance edges him closer to becoming James Bond. Not only is he just beautiful to look at and has a voice that just makes be melt but boy can he act! Don’t get me wrong the guy doesn’t give much  of an emotional performance as other actors in this movie but he doesn’t need to. You can see it all in his eyes. Though eyes! 

maxresdefault (2)

Cillian Murphy is just one of the those actors who can’t put a foot wrong. He’s just a terrific actor and shows a great display of PTSD as of the soldiers rescued from the beach. I just loved his role in this movie as it added a personal moment of terror from a specific individual as to the collective from the beach.


Harry Styles…Well! I wasn’t expecting that! Harry Styles can actually act! Like many pop stars trying to turn actor, I think the whole world was just expecting him to fail and ruin this movie. How wrong were we! He was actually really good. He doesn’t really speak for most of his role but when he does it’s actually really powerful and honest. I actually can’t wait to see what he gets up to next. Well Done Harry!

maxresdefault (1)

Dunkirk. Wow! Just Wow! The wait was completely worth it and I highly recommend watching this film asap! A truly beautiful visual experience and a fantastic film!

I rate Dunkirk 9/10!

In cinemas NOW!

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