I was invited to the media screening of Maudie this week. We went to the Sony Pictures Head office in London which was amazing as they have their own private cinema! That’s the dream right there! A cinema in your office! Best lunch breaks ever!


Maudie is about the life story of Maud Lewis from a little town in Nova Scotia, Canada. Maud suffered with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which causes joint inflammation and stiffness in her body. She’s very frail throughout most of the movie but likes to prove she can do things just like everyone else, including going out into town and being a mischievous menace to her aunt. She has a talent for painting which develops more once she is hired to be a housemaid for her future husband and fishmonger Everett Lewis. This inspiring story of Maud is primarily based on her developing career as an artist and how she is discovered from such a little town. However, the relationship between Maud and her husband is a lot more interesting and intriguing than originally expected. This relationship between them is the heart and soul of the movie. 

This story proves their is someone out there for everyone and Maud was truly loved!


This is a true story and the representation of these characters is remarkable considering both characters are now sadly deceased and they only had video footage to work from to represent their characters honestly. Their personalities are so fascinating and the way they both interact with each other is captivating to watch. Both Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawk gave astonishing performances and I completely invested in the story. Hawkins give an magnificent performance as this character ages over time. She was remarkable and had me emotional drained by the end of the movie. Hawk also gave a brilliant performance with mixed emotions towards his character which left the audience loving him and hating him throughout the movie. Together they had some hilarious moments and was beautiful to watch them both. 

I’ve never felt so confused over my emotions towards one character as I have with Everett Lewis.




I’m an ex Art student so I am well aware of Maud work. Her artwork is truly beautiful and it was great to see how she created these pictures within the movie. I love lots of colour as you can see by my blog and YouTube channel which is why I appreciate Maud work and the simplicity of the images she creates. If you’ve never seen her work before, then check out some of the images below.



I have recently returned from Canada and what I love about this movie is that I miss it already! The shots of the beautiful Nova Scotia are to die for and if you haven’t been to Canada then you’ll surely get some wanderlust from this film. Canada has amazing mountain scenery and lake views but I’ve never been to the East side of Canada where they have beautiful remote ports and fishing industry. A trip is definitely needed to check out more of the amazing views this country has to offer!





Maudie is a remarkable movie and I highly recommend giving it a watch. It’s a slow movie in places and has a giant hole in the middle which left be slightly annoyed. However, the overall film was beautifully done and the cast were extraordinary. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hawkins or Hawk were nominated next Awards season for their performances. Don’t wait for the nominations list and be ahead of the game! 

I rate Maudie 7/10!

In cinemas 4th August 2017!


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