FINALLY! Spider-Man: Homecoming is in cinemas RIGHT NOW! It feels like forever since they announced Marvel were taking over the Spider-Man movies and then they were planning a new Spider-Man to go with it! I think everyone was pretty gutted to see Andrew Garfield go. Not only was he an excellent Spider-Man but he was also a massive fan of the comics so he felt like the perfect match for the role. So who was going to replace him? Britain’s very own Tom Holland landed the role of a lifetime…and HE NAILED IT! So….why was the film so good? And why was Tom Holland the perfect Spider-Man? Here’s why?


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I think everyone kind of forgets that Peter Parker is suppose to be a teenager. The last two movies were played by pretty much grown adults, pretending to be teenagers. Tobey Maguire who played a very emo looking Spider-man at one point was actually 27 when he took on the role! 27! Andrew Garfield who has gone onto playing more serious roles in hopes of winning an Oscar (which he rightly deserves), was 29 when he put on the Spider-Man suit! Tom Holland was 20! Now that’s more like it! A Spider-Man who actually should be in school or university really but you get the idea! Holland could actually get away with all the teenage problems and high school dramas. He also has a really emotional moment towards the end of the movie where I was nearly in tears when you do realise he is going through so much and he is only a child really. Bless him and is little red socks!




Yes! Peter is a nerd, geek and full on dork. Finally! Back to the basics of the character which makes him so unlike the other Marvel Superheroes. He’s a little genius which is also why Tony Stark likes him so much and why the internship is such a great and believable cover up for all his hero work. He doesn’t really do a lot of tech geeking out as Tony Stark built his suit but he’s still trying to work it out which makes it more entertaining. You see him a lot in school too which is great to see. Actually looking and acting like a real American high school teenager, going to class, chatting with his equally geeky school friends and attending the nerdiest school club they have to offer. 




Obviously, this movie is following on from Spider-Man’s first appearance in Captain America: Civil War. There are actually a lot of Captain America running jokes in this movie which also pretty funny. Even though Captain America has a few sneaky cameos in this movie, Spidey mentor is Iron Man aka Tony Stark. Peter is thrown into the madness of the superhero battle and casually dropped back home. Best….day….ever! Thinking he would be an honorary member of the Avengers straight after this stunt but that’s not really the case. This film is also post Uncle Ben’s death, so poor little Peter really wants a father figure he can look up to. Tony is trying to look after him but it quite difficult when your a business man, super hero and travelling the world. Now, he’s got a superhero teenager he feels responsible for in the mix of all this. However, Iron-Man doesn’t steal the lime light as much as you might think. This constant absence, loneliness and wanting to prove himself to Tony Stark is a great chance for Peter to show what he can do…..and get himself into a lot of trouble on the way. 




Spidey gets a best buddy! Awww. Jacob Batalon plays Ned, Spider-Man’s best pal and tech guru. Obviously, from the movie trailer, Ned finds out about Peter’s super powers and extra curricular activities with the Avenger’s pretty early on. His reaction is amazing and is exactly how a teenage boy would react when he finds out his best friend has super powers. He’s very supportive and also very helpful with Peter’s missions. He also tries to get him to use his powers and new job for their own person means to help them through high school. You so would!!!




What??? Yes! Aunt May who is normally portray as a sweet old lady has been replaced by a hot guardian figure. She’s still aunt May but it totally works. It also provides some amazing comedy relief as she doesn’t realise how pretty she is but all the boys notice and they love reminding Peter about it.




Michael Keaton has returned to the world of Superheroes but as a bad guy!! You might remember him as Batman back in 1989! Now, he’s a full on baddy and damn he’s so goo at it. He also gets an awesome set of wings for his villain outfit and is referred to as “Falcon”. I think the only thing I don’t like about this movie is the backstory of how Falcon became to be evil and I didn’t really like the modern day twist on it. Also, all the references to the Avengers first movie. I just didn’t like it. Call me old fashioned but if its not a mutant transformation, it’s just not worth it. 




Probably the best part about this movie. We can skip all the stuff we already know. This movie jumps into the main action straight after Peter is recruited for the Civil War. So, no how Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider, no poor Uncle Ben getting shot and no sad/angry teenager tantrums. Straight into all the good stuff. I actually prefer this to the other openings. Peter for one is a bit of a vlogger and excited kid. Secondly, he’s trying to prove to Tony Stark that he can be an avenger and goes wild around New York trying to stop crime. A fun rebellious, teenager with super powers trying to give Tony Stark a difficult time. Love it!




There are so many hilarious moments in this movie. More than I expected. The audience I was in was laughing from the first moment we saw Peter to the last line of the film. It’s not just Peter/Spider-Man and Tony Stark you expect to get the giggles from either. Quite a lot of the cast have their moments. Even sub characters and extras with maybe one line. Prepare for some great laughs in this movie.




Peter first love wasn’t Mary-Jane. It wasn’t in Andrew Garfield’s version either. Which is realistic. Not many people are fortunate to fall in love with the person they are going to end up with. Peter is going through the awkward stages of his first crush in this film. Lots of awkward moments. Lots! Which is entertaining for us to say the least. However, it’s not too much. She doesn’t take any lime light away from the real story which is Spider-Man’s adventure and focuses more on the bad guy as the secondary story rather than the love story. Not too much and not too cheesy. Spot on. 




DAMN! Look at that suit! I think this was what most film and comic book geeks were looking forward to the most. The suit! What it looks like, all the gadgets, etc. The suit was also made my Tony Stark himself, which is a massive upgrade to the past suits as the past Peter Parker’s somehow made a good sewing job on their suits in their bedrooms in Queens? My ex boyfriend couldn’t sew a button onto his shirt but these kids made a full bodysuit by hand??? 



I rate Spider-Man: Homecoming 9/10!

In cinemas NOW!


Have you seen this movie yet? What did you think? Do you think he was the perfect Spider-Man? Let me know in the comments below!

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