July is finally here! How is it summer already? Seriously! However, it also means that the long wait for some of my most anticipated films of the year are FINALLY OVER! I am so excited for some of these films and so should you! Here’s my top films you should be watching this month!


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Whats on at the cinema JUL



If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I use minion GIFs…ALL THE TIME! I love the minions and I even dressed up as one once for Halloween! That was a hilarious night! I love these films! I’d love to take my little niece and nephew to watch this film. I think physical humour is so much more powerful sometimes than something spoken. The minions will always be winners to me!

In Cinemas NOW!



OK. This film looks crazy amazing. Not only has it got Ansel Elgort who just melts my heart but the cast also includes Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey! The car stunt scenes also look ridiculously intense and could even something as equally as thrilling as the Fast and the Furious franchise. BAD…ASS!

In Cinemas NOW!



We needed a comedy to balance out this action summer season and “The House” looks like it could provide us with some much needed giggles this month! Will Farrell and Amy Poehler are turning their house into a Vegas style casino to help pay for their daughters college tuition fees. They’ve only had 18 years to save up but…OK! This film looks hilarious!

In Cinemas NOW!



SPIDER-MAN IS FINALLY HERE! I feel like I have been waiting a lifetime for this movie to hit our screens but the wait it finally over! Phew! We also have a new Spider-man to enjoy with England’s own Tom Holland! Tom is well known from his performance as Billy Elliot in London’s West End so we all know he’s quite…flexible! But he can also do his own stunts which makes him perfect for the Spidey role! Plus, he’s hilarious! Honestly, follow him on Instagram and check out his stories! 

Approximate release date 6th July



I have loved Pixar ever since Toy Story! I believe that Pixar just come up with some amazing, original, passionate animated films which I just love! I’m not going to lie, it does annoy me when they make sequels but Cars 3 is the perfect film you can take the kids to this summer.

Approximate release date 14th July



These Planet of the Apes films, could possible be one of the best trilogies in film history. I fell in love with Caesar’s story in the first film and was in tears when he drew the window on the concrete wall. Emotional or what! The 2nd film was just a lead up to this film which I can tell is going to be epic! I can’t wait to watch this film! 

Approximate release date 14th July



It’s the grand finale and possibly the biggest film of the summer! Potentially…the year! If you’re going to watch one film this month, then you should be watching this one! Nothing more to say…

Approximate release date 21st July


So which of these films are you looking forward to seeing at your local cinema this month! Let me know in the comments!


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