There’s 5 major action films out this weekend. You might have already watched one or maybe two but I’ve managed to watch all 5! If you are planning to go to the cinema and can’t decide which of these huge films to invest your time and money into… then FEAR NOT! I’ve got all the advise you need to know which to choose! No spoilers! Well, none what the media haven’t been splashing around anyway! 


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I love the Transformers franchise and I am a huge Michael Bay fan but this film left me MASSIVELY disappointed. Talk about saving the worst till last! Wait that’s not right? But neither was this film! The story made no sense. There was too much going on and the story line got lost about 30 minutes in. They brought back some of the original cast (even a picture of Sam) but that wasn’t enough to save this movie. It was way too long and the main plot of the story which was the knights of the round table was just RIDICULOUS!!! Nothing worse than watching something that is destroying my countries history. You can’t portray Merlin like that!!! How dare you!!! 

I rate Transformers: The Last Knight 6/10



Captain Jack Sparrow is back….again! Seriously? When will this end! I love the original Pirates film. The 2nd and 3rd film were OK. The 4th film was border line walk out. So, for them to come out with a 5th film is purely for money but at least bring out all the stops to make it amazing…right? Sort of! The two new characters are Will Turner’s son and a very intelligent young woman who everyone thinks is a witch? OK, but honestly she’s played by the wrong person. Sorry Kaya Scodelario but you were wrongly cast. Anyway, the film brings back some of the best cast from the original film even Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan (Now, Mrs Turner!). Sorry for the spoiler but that’s everywhere right now and it’s honestly the only good thing about the movie! Yeah, the first 5 minutes and the last 30 minutes. Totally worth it! I wish I could say that for the rest of the film. Pretty much your standard Pirates film. Would have marked it 1 point lower if it wasn’t for the ending I have been waiting for since the 3rd film! Good save!

I rate Pirates of the Caribbean Salazar’s Revenge 7/10



Say What!? Yes! Baywatch! And….I didn’t hate it! I know! Ok, wait. Let me explain. So, I went into this screening with the full intention of hating this movie and ripping it to shreds but I can honestly say I was laughing within 2 minutes of the film starting and probably every 5 minutes after that. It’s actually really funny. I think going down a strong comedy route was it’s only chance of survival and it really helped. Yes, it’s still as cheesy as I thought it was going to be. The story line is very basic and is more for 15 to 18 year olds. Then, you’ve got the Zac Efron. OH…MY….GOD! I knew he was toned but he has pulled out all the stops for this movie! He is ridiculously built in this film. Girls, just watch it for that and bring the boyfriend for the comedy. You’re welcome!

I rate Baywatch 7/10



Another remake?? Come on! Where is the originality? Give it a chance. Honestly, it’s not as bad as you think! I love the original Mummy movies and they go down the comedy/adventure route which makes them amazing. Let’s not forget an epic love story which makes us super jealous. This remake is lead by Tom Cruise so there’s a lot more action in this movie and they really pull out all the stops to make those action sequences incredible. I was actually quite blown away. It’s also quite scary in places and I love horrors so this was right up my street. The “love story” isn’t the main aspect of the film and was more about the mummy herself. The Mummy or mummette as I like to call her is STUNNING! Seriously, beautiful and she can really kick ass. The scenes with Russell Crowe are just plain stupid and really annoyed me but the rest of the movie isn’t half bad. There also some light comedy from Jake Johnson aka that guy from New Girl. Just goes to show, never judge a film by it’s trailer….or because it’s ANOTHER REMAKE!

I rate The Mummy 8/10



Hell Yes!! This is my favourite movie of the whole bunch. I thought this movie was going to be ridiculous and outright degrading towards woman. However, it’s quite the opposite! It shows Wonder Woman as a strong and powerful superhero, yes! But she’s actually a great role model for women too! She’s smart, outspoken, strong, brave, courageous and does what is right. She also doesn’t let any of the men get in her way and the love story isn’t too much. If woman empowerment isn’t for you, it’s still a kick ass movie with a lot of action sequences that are just amazing! Well done DC! This is so much better than Batman vs superman but that’s not hard really. That movie was terrible! Hopefully the Justice League movies will be just as good as this film. If you’re going to watch one film this weekend out of this list, watch Wonder Woman!

I rate Wonder Woman 9/10


So there you have it! 5 films and 1 big choice for you to make! Which of these films have you seen or which of them are you thinking of watching this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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