I went to Canada for the first time this year with TrekAmerica. So I decided I wanted to arrive a day early so I could go to see some Whales! Whale watching is on my Wish List so I was so eager to get this ticked off my list and take some epic whale photos!


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I decided to go with a company called Wild Whales Vancouver who are based in Granville Island which also has an amazing Market you can check out too. They were really organised, friendly and knowledgeable. I felt like I was in great hands. 



Before we set off the captain explained exactly how they find whales. They have a great communication circle with other tour companies and fisherman in the area. So once someone finds a whale or preferably a pod of whales, they get on the radio and head straight over to that area. 


Unfortunately, we had a “No Whale Day” which was very disappointing so we didn’t get to see any whales on this excursion. There is a chance of this happening but obviously the tour company doesn’t want this to happen and want us to see whales every time. However, we did see some amazing scenery and a lot of sea lions on the tour. Take a look at these shots I took.





The company gave us a voucher for a free tour next time were back in Vancouver which was really nice. However, I would have to fly half way across the world to do this all again but I do think I would like to come back to Vancouver again. Maybe in the Winter so I can go to see an ice hockey game and go back to Whistler too so I can go skiing or snowboarding which would be fun. Another adventure to Canada is definitely on the cards. I must say, it didn’t matter which company I chose that day….I still wouldn’t have seen whales. They all communicate with each other so no one on a whale excursion saw whales that day. I even spoke to another girl on my tour who also did a whale excursion with another tour company and she didn’t see whales either. I would highly recommend going with Wild Whales Vancouver if you want to see whales as they really knew there stuff. They were very knowledgeable and even though we didn’t see whales, I still had a lovely time out on the water with them exploring the scenery and finding other wildlife out that day. 



If you want to see more on my adventures with TrekAmerica on the Glaciers + Grizzlies, please check out my Vancouver vlog below:

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