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I’m half way through 2017 and my travel challenge! Where has the time gone! At the beginning of the year I challenged myself to visit a different country every month for the rest of the year. So far so good. I’m 6 for 6! I can’t believe it. I am so proud of myself and I’ve really enjoyed this year so far with all my adventures. So far this year I’ve been to, South Africa, The Netherlands, Spain, Wales, Canada and the USA.

Most importantly, I didn’t have to quit my desk job to do it!

So what’s in store for the rest of the year. I knew I would struggle once it got to summer as the prices for travel go up but I also just can’t pick. There are still so many places I want to visit. Here’s a list of places I would love to go to this year:



I would love to see the golden sands of Morroco and go camel riding. It looks amazing and so beautiful. I think I would just love taking photos here and having fun in the sand!


I love Italian food! I can’t get enough of it. The food is one of the main reasons I want to go to Italy. However, I can’t decide where in Italy I want to go. I’m torn between Rome, Venice, Pisa, Florence, Milan and Naples. I am looking at doing a few of them within a week and getting the train. Totally doable! 



I’ve always been fascinated by Greek mythology and love watching films about Greek Gods. I’m also an ex art student so I would just to see all the statues and architecture this country has to offer. I really want to go on a Medsailors tour after countless recommendations from blogger Brogan Tate. From the looks of her travel vlogs, this tour is right up my street!



I really want to see the Northern Lights!! It’s on my wish list and as much as I HATE the cold, this is something I really need to see for myself. Just look at those colours! I’d love to see them.




I’ve been through Paris a few times, but I’ve never stopped there and had a good look around. I’ve also been too intimidated to go as it’s quite a romantic place and full of couples. As a single gal, this can be quite irritating. I don’t like the idea I have to be in a couple to go to Paris. Fuck it! I’m going!



I was suppose to go to Mexico for my birthday this year with Tucan, but unfortunately the tour got cancelled due to lack of passengers. Sob. However, I am trying to rearrange this with them again for later this year. Yay! Sun, Sea, sand and most importantly, lots of excursions and activities. This is my sort of holiday! 


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I still haven’t decided on my travel plans for July – December so I really hope I can fit a few of these in by the end of the year. Where do you think I should go? Check out my adventures so far in my blogs or check out my travel vlogs on my YouTube channel:





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  1. 26/06/2017 / 2:07 pm

    This is such a great list and I cant believe you’ve managed 6 countries in 6 months without quitting your job! I’ve managed 4 so far this year but the last half of the year wont be a travel-filled one for me 🙁 I’m with you on the Iceland thing, would absolutely love to go there – it’s been on my bucket list for ages and I’m hoping 2018 is the year!
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

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