Last week, I was invited to “The Book of Henry” Media screening. There preview screenings for lots of media people including blogger and journalists with some competition winners and friends/family of people in the industry to preview a movie before it hits the cinemas! Pretty cool right! I love these screenings as I feel like I am surrounded by other movie geeks just like me and we can talk about the film after together etc.


The film is about a gifted child who tried to use his intellect to help his school friend/neighbour when he finds out she’s getting abused by her step dad. It’s not as simple as it may appear to help her as her step dad is the police commissioner. Yes, it shouldn’t matter what job someone has when they are abusing a child but when someone is in a higher position of authority, rules tend to be bent and broke or swept under the carpet. This is a ridiculous world we live in!! So Henry tries to come up with a plan.

This is NOT a kids film!

The trailer might look a great adventure story for you to take the family to watch this weekend but it certainly isn’t a kids film. It’s quite misleading and honestly I cannot place an audience for this film. It feels like a mix of many films and mashed together. Their are elements of adventure, mischief and inventing just like in Home Alone for example. The gifted version of Kevin! Its also very sad and reminds me A Monster Calls without giving the whole story line away. It took me by surprise but their are a lot of elements of grief counseling which younger viewers just wouldn’t enjoy and is very depressing at times. Lastly, it’s got Henry’s “master plan” on…old tape recorders! Hmmmm, I wonder where they got that idea from? Oh yeah, Netflix “13 Reasons why”. There seems to be a lot of mash ups to make this an “original” story but that’s what makes it so unoriginal and makes the film very disjointed. I don’t know how would watch this movie and the trailer is completely aiming at the wrong audience. 



I must say the acting in the movie was 100% worth it. There are some great actors in this movie and if it wasn’t for them I would have left the cinema annoyed I lost 2 hours of life. Jaeden Lieberher who plays Henry was brilliant. I was smart, witty, clever and totally believable of a gifted child. He was very quirky and had some amazing dialog which had me in stitches throughout the movie. Naomi Watts who plays Henry’s mum had a more childlike role for a grown up which had some great moments. It was comical to see the roles reversed but at times I think this role really didn’t suit her as she normally plays quite independent roles. However, her emotional scenes were heartbreaking to watch. Little Jacob Tremblay is an absolute star! I loved him in Room and he’s been busy making movies since! I honestly can’t wait to see him in Wonder along side Julie Roberts. Now that looks like an amazing movie worth seeing! 


I feel like the film just…ended! It didn’t follow through which was really annoying. The story line felt very disappointing and could have been a very good film. The story just led to know where and didn’t really give any real ending. There where no answers to zero questions and we all knew what was going to happen before it happened which I hate. The most important thing for me is the story line and this just left me disappointed. 

I rate A Book of Henry 5/10!

In cinemas NOW!

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